April 18th, 2018 Twice as Nice

Typeface v2.0

Typeface just got a whole lot better! Introducing Typeface 2: Improved font management, more smart features and still a lovely simple UI.


  • Typeface now supports importing directories. Choose File > Import or press CommandO to import a directory or drag and drop a directory from Finder onto Typeface app.
  • Imported directories are automatically synced on each start (new fonts are added, removed fonts are deleted from Typeface).
  • Typeface will automatically import fonts from Font Book on each start.


  • Brand new sidebar with (custom) tags
  • To open/close the sidebar: swipe right/left with two fingers, use the new sidebar button in the toolbar or press Command/
  • The sidebar automatically opens when you drag fonts towards it, so you can keep it closed if you want.
  • Create new tags by using the + button on the sidebar or press CommandN.


  • The tags implementation in Typeface is very flexible: you’re able to create nested tags, combine tags, subtract tags and invert tags.
  • Nest tags: simply add the / character to a tag name to create a nested tag, e.g. “projects/company”. You can nest multiple levels deep.
  • Combine tags: Command click multiple tags in the sidebar to combine.
  • Subtract tags: Use the Search field to narrow down your visible previews. The search field autocompletes tags when you start typing the # character.
  • Invert tags: Option click on a tag in the sidebar to invert it, e.g. ‘Activated’ becomes ‘Deactivated’
  • Typeface will automatically add style tags to imported fonts (script/sans etc.)
  • The previous Quick Collection is automatically restored on start (#saved-quick-collection)


  • The Quick Collection is still here as a ‘persistent’ version of selection.
  • To support a more traditional ‘selection’ workflow, you can toggle the ‘Collection Priority’ mode in Settings.
  • Drag all your collected fonts by holding down Command and drag.
  • Use CommandA / CommandShiftA to collect all / uncollect all.
  • Hold CommandShift and click to collect a range.
  • Use the ‘Edit’ menu to batch apply tags to all your collected previews.


  • You can drag fonts to tags in the Sidebar to attach that tag to the dragged font(s).
  • Hold Option to remove the tag from the dragged font(s).
  • Hold Command to drag all collected fonts in the current view.
  • When dragging the sidebar will automatically highlight already attached tags.
  • When dragging in ‘Collapse Families’ mode, you’ll automatically drag all fonts in the family.
  • If you drag fonts to the ‘Activated’ tag the dragged fonts will be activated (if you hold Option the fonts will be deactivated).


  • Added dedicated search field.
  • Moved preview input to ‘Aa’ button (you can also summon the preview input by pressing CommandL or the Spacebar key).
  • Changed tracking modifier key to Option (previously Command).


  • You can right click a preview to start comparing.
  • Added Quick Collection drop down in compare bar (click blue font name in compare bar to quickly switch between collected fonts).

Font Info

  • On the detail view a new ‘Info’ tab is added, which shows basic font information.
  • Below the table the currently added tags are available, you can click on user tags and remove them. System tags (the second row) cannot be removed.

Auto Activation (experimental)

  • Auto Activation is available for supported apps, you can turn it on in Settings.