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Typeface Pro
  • Unlock all current Pro features
  • Get new Pro features released in upcoming 12 months
  • No subscription
  • Yours forever
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Add multiple users for your team and get up to 20% volume discount. Want to use the app yourself only? A single-user license will do and can be installed on multiple devices.


What is Typeface Pro?

Typeface Pro unlocks all features in Typeface 3, including font activation, importing your fonts, previewing body texts, variable fonts, OpenType features... absolutely everything. Purchase a Pro license to continue to use the app after your free trial has ended.

What do I get when I purchase Pro?

In addition to all currently available features you'll get all new Pro features that will be released in the upcoming 12 months for free. And you'll get access to free improvements as well, even after 12 months.

So, how does it work?

You buy a license now to unlock the app and get access to all features. For the next 12 months all updates are free, including new Pro features. After 12 months you can continue to use the app and all Pro features you've unlocked stay available.

Any new Pro features released after 12 months require an extension of your license. This optional extension again gives you access to all Pro features released up to then and another 12 months of new Pro features. You can extend at any moment after 12 months. Learn more

Typeface Pro

This is an example, actual release schedule may be different.

Is Typeface Pro a subscription?

Nope! You'll only have to buy Typeface Pro once to unlock the app. You'll get access to all current features, forever. Extending your license after 12 months is optional. You can continue to use the app and all the Pro features you've unlocked so far.

What are Pro features?

The Pro features in Typeface provide advanced functionality that improve your design workflow and help you manage your fonts. Some of the current Pro features are:

  • Body text layout previews
  • OpenType feature inspection
  • Font Switch
  • Family Editor
  • Temporary font activation
  • Variable fonts tuning
  • Finding duplicates
  • Multi tagging
  • Advanced filters
  • Variable Google Fonts
  • Font context info

What Pro features do I get the next 12 months?

It's a surprise :) Consider the extra Pro features to be a small gift. I hope you'll like them, but you can't return them if you don't.

Can I still use Typeface after 12 months?

Yes! Typeface Pro is not a subscription that will expire. Purchase Typeface once and it's yours forever. Extending your license is not required and you can always keep using your unlocked features.

Does Typeface contain ads?

What? No! Eww.

Can I try Typeface before purchasing?

Yes, download the free trial to test the app on your Mac. You can try out all features for 15 days. After this trial period you can purchase Pro to continue to use the app.

What happens after purchase?

You'll immediately receive a mail containing instructions on how to register the app. Download and install the trial, then double click your personal license file to register the app. Make sure to keep your license somewhere safe just in case you want to register the app again later.

Can I install Typeface on multiple devices?

You are allowed to register your license on multiple Macs, as long as you are the only one using the app. Multiple users need multiple licenses.

What is the difference between the standalone (web store) version and the Mac App Store version?

There is no functional difference. Both share the same features, both are secure & Sandboxed, both are awesome! Just pick the one you think is most convenient for you. The standalone version might receive updates a little faster.

Where can I find my invoice?

After purchase you'll immediately receive a mail with information about your order. If you can't find a mail in your inbox make sure to check your spam folder as well. You can view your invoice by clicking on the View invoice link in your order mail.

Where can I get support?

Fox prepared some handy articles for you to tell you all about the app. If you don't find your question answered in there you can submit a support message directly from the app or send a mail. Don't hesitate to send a message — fox doesn't bite, I promise! Contact

Help! I lost my license file :(

Whoopsie daisy. You can get the license from an already registered app by choosing Typeface > License > Show in Finder. Can't find it? Let me your order number so I can take a look. You can find that in your order mail. If you've purchased the app on the Mac App Store you don't need a license and you can directly download the app from there. Learn more

Extending Pro

What is a Typeface Pro extension?

When you purchase Typeface Pro you'll receive new Pro features for free for 12 months. New Pro features released after that Pro period will be locked. You can unlock them by purchasing a license extension. An extension gives you access to all the features available at that time and another 12 months of Pro updates.

When can I extend my Pro license?

You can extend your license when your Pro update period has ended. So starting from 12 months after your previous purchase. Choose Typeface > License from the main menu to check your current Pro period.

Depending on when you decide to extend there will be one of three extensions available: Early Bird, Regular or Late. Extending early will give you a bigger discount.

Typeface Pro license extension

You choose when you want to extend your Pro license.

What's the price of a license extension?

The earlier you extend, the cheaper the extension. Get more than 50% discount by extending directly after your previous Pro period has ended. This Early Bird extension will be available for one month and ensures you won't miss any exclusive updates.

Don't want to extend right away? If you skip the Early Bird extension it will be followed by the Regular extension. The Regular extension is 30% off and will be available until 12 months after your Pro period has ended. This gives you some time to see which Pro features will be released before extending.

If you wait longer than a year after your Pro period has expired the Regular extension will turn into the Late extension.

Availability Price
Early Bird Within one month after Pro period  -50%
Regular Between 1 to 12 months after Pro period  -30%
Late 12+ months after Pro period

Current standalone extension prices. App Store pricing may be different due to separate currency tiers. Pricing may be adjusted in the future.

How do I extend my license?

To extend your license open the app and choose Typeface > License > Extend Pro. Make sure your current license is registered, or, if you're using the Mac App Store version, restore your previous purchases. An extension will be available starting from 12 months after your previous purchase.

What Pro updates will be released in the next 12 months?

That’s a surprise :) If you’d rather wait to see which Pro features will be available, you can also extend at a later date.

Can I keep using the app without extending?

Yes, all your already unlocked features are permanently available. An extension unlocks new functionality developed and released after your Pro update period has ended.

Is it possible to refund my extension purchase?

No worries, you can ask for a refund within two weeks after your purchase. Fox just wants you to be happy!

Why do I need to pay for new features?

Typeface is a high quality font manager for Mac that is constantly being improved. Designing and developing new useful features takes considerable effort.

While subscriptions are a growing trend to support this kind of continued development, losing access to an app when your subscription expires is not very user friendly. And with traditional upgrades you may need to purchase a full app again or need to wait for major releases to get new features.

With Typeface Pro you can always continue to use the app — unlocked features stay permanently available. Extending is optional and unlocks access to new valuable features. You'll get transparent and fair pricing, optional upgrades and frequent updates that make your font management an even more enjoyable experience.

Still have questions? Just get in touch — fox will be delighted to meet you!

Upgrading Typeface v2

How do I upgrade to Typeface Pro?

Launch the app and choose Typeface > Check for Updates... from the main menu to get the latest app version. If you have the Mac App Store version launch the Mac App Store first to update the app. Then choose Typeface > License > Get Pro from the main menu. Or click on one of the locked Pro features in the app. You'll get a personal discount based on your current license, so make sure the app is registered before upgrading.

Do I need to purchase Pro if I previously purchased Typeface 2?

No, updating to Typeface 3 is free for everyone. Upgrading to Pro is optional. Pro features introduced in Typeface 3 require a Pro license upgrade. Launch the app to get a personal discount based on your current license.