Making font management fun 🦊


Typeface app is developed by me, Floor van Steeg — hi! Together with the imaginary Quick Brown Fox I’ve been working on Typeface since 2015.

Good typography is one of the most important aspects of design, but finding the font that conveys just the right emotion can be a difficult task — especially if you’re not sure yet what you’re looking for. With a minimal interface and total focus on your fonts I hope Typeface makes choosing fonts a delightful experience.

Why did you create Typeface?

Existing font management software on Mac felt a bit old, dusty and corporate. They were focusing on font meta data and the technical aspects of font management.

I wanted to make font management fun. The delicate curves and contours of fonts deserve a podium on which they can shine. They need an app that’s designed for designers and lovers of typography.

FontCase by Bohemian Coding was a nice app at the time and has been an inspiration for Typeface. Unfortunately that got discontinued, so the only reasonable solution was to create something myself.

Why is the app called Typeface?

I like simplicity. Apple gives you Mail, Notes, Photos, Music apps on Mac and you know instantly what each app is used for. Typeface fits right in that list, it’s your go to app for typefaces :)

What’s the story behind the fox app icon?

That’s Fox, the Quick Brown Fox. He’s the CFO (Chief Foxy Operations) at Typeface.

‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ is a famous English pangram, which contains all letters of the Latin script. Might be useful to preview fonts. Although Hamburgefonstiv is a bit more compact and contains just the right characters to see the overall font appearance at a glance. Perhaps the icon should be changed into a hamburger?


You can get Typeface app from three official stores. Only download the app from these websites.

Typeface website

Get Typeface directly from this website. Checkout is provided by FastSpring. typefaceapp.com/store

Mac App Store

The official store for macOS apps by Apple: apps.apple.com


Setapp is a subscription service for a bunch of Mac apps, so you don’t have to search and buy many individual apps. You’ll get access to a growing library of 230+ applications, including Typeface app: setapp.com

Links & Contact


You’re looking at the website right now, you pancake! typefaceapp.com

Updates and changelog

See what I’ve been working on: typefaceapp.com/changelog


Get notified of new developments: Mastodon / Twitter


Ask me (almost) anything: hello@typefaceapp.com


Typeface is independently developed under the company name ‘By Default’. Registered in The Netherlands, with trade registration number (KVK) 52590003 and VAT registration number NL002204033B82.