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Typeface is a wonderful font manager for macOS that helps you pick the perfect type for your designs. A minimal interface and total focus on your fonts makes browsing your collection a delightful experience. And Typeface 3 lets you effortlessly organize even the largest collections with new powerful font management features.

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Requires macOS 10.12 or higher — Also available on the Mac App Store and Setapp.

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Native support
for Apple Silicon

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macOS Big Sur

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Focused on fonts

Seeing what your fonts look like is essential when you're designing and exploring fonts. The flexible grid with customizable previews gives you a convenient overview of your library so you can easily determine which font conveys just the right emotion you're looking for.

Fonts overview

Get inspired

Browse through your library without any distraction. Typeface lets you explore all your installed and imported fonts with live customization of preview text and size.

Reveal every detail

View Unicode characters, inspect OpenType features, tweak variable fonts and study font info. Typeface let's you discover all the intricate details of your fonts.

Preview font body text layouts

Body text layouts

Find out how a font looks in a book, magazine or website article. You can preview one of the full body text layout presets and create your own custom templates.

Preview variable fonts

Variable fonts

Tweak variable fonts to perfection. Get live previews of your adjustments and easily copy CSS values.

Preview font OpenType features

OpenType features

Take a deep dive into your fonts by inspecting all OpenType font features. Discover ligatures, figure styles, character alternates, fractions, capitals and more.

Preview font Unicode characters

Unicode characters

Preview every character a font supports and copy their HTML or UTF codes. You can even compare characters between fonts to see the small — and big — differences.

Powerful organization

Create tags for styles, projects, use-cases, time periods, brands or any categorization you like. Typeface makes it easy to structurize and manage large font libraries.

Font collections

Tag, you're it

Typeface offers a very flexible and easy to use tagging system that lets you keep even the largest font libraries under control. Nest tags, combine tags, invert tags and filter tags; spend less time searching, more designing.

Learn more about tagging

Synced directories

Synced directories

Imported locations are kept up-to-date automatically. Just point Typeface to a directory on your Mac and newly downloaded fonts are added on refresh.

Filter fonts

Filter fonts

Find just the one font you need, whether you're looking for a bold serif, or rather fancy a slanted script. Typeface's font filters make searching easy.

Find font duplicates

Find duplicates

Become a cleanup wizard by making needless copies magically disappear. You can remove duplicate fonts from your library with just a snap of your fingers.

Smart sidebar

Smart sidebar

Designed to get out of your way: swipe to collapse the sidebar and focus on font previews. While dragging it will automatically expand and highlight already attached tags.

Font activation

Quick tagging

The new Quick Tagging panel allows you to attach multiple tags (to multiple fonts) at once, fully keyboard-controllable with fast fuzzy search. Neatly organising your fonts will be an absolute breeze.

Export tags

Tag export

Losing your tags is bad, m'kay. Typeface allows you to export & backup tags to an easily readable json format. So you'll always be able to recover your carefully organised library.

Streamlined workflow

The persistent Quick Collection helps you improve your design workflow. While exploring fonts you can quickly mark (and eliminate) potential candidates for your design, without having to worry about losing your selection.

Collect fonts

1. Collect candidates

Use the Quick Collection to mark interesting fonts.

Refine selection

2. Refine selection

Review candidates and remove the least favorable.

Manage fonts

3. Store to tag

Attach tags to organize and easily find fonts back later.

I wear my sunglasses at night

Typography by night

Use the lovely night theme to comfortably preview your fonts in the dark. Of course you're free to use this theme during the day as well.

Making font management fun

From advanced OpenType filters to comparing fonts: every feature is carefully designed to make managing fonts easier and more enjoyable.

Compare fonts

Font compare

Learn to distinguish Helvetica from Arial like a pro, with font overlays that show every little difference.

Font activation

OpenType features

Toggle ligatures, swashes, figure styles, character alternates, fractions, capitals and more.

Preview Google Fonts on Mac

Google Fonts

Expand your library with 2000+ free fonts from the Google Fonts catalog. Typeface automatically keeps them up-to-date.

Custom tracking

Custom tracking

Give your characters some room to breathe— just hold down the Option key on your keyboard and pinch or use the tracking slider.

Display Ligatures

Outlines & Metrics

Show baselines, x-height and cap height. Preview outlines to closely inspect glyph curves and use font smoothing to improve legibility.

Auto size fonts

Auto size

Easily compare font appearance, by keeping previews all the same size.

Learn more about appearance

Export fonts to pdf

Export to PDF

Share a beautiful PDF of your hand-picked font collection with your client, boss and colleagues. Or print your favorite font to paper and hang it above your bed.

Font activation

Auto activation

Hands-free activation of fonts and you won't even notice it. Of course you can also manually activate and deactivate any font when you need to use them.

Manage macOS system fonts

System fonts

Properly organize all macOS system fonts. Or hide them from the app to view only your own fonts instead. You decide what you want to see.

Custom font previews

Preview presets

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Choose one of the default presets or create some of your own to quickly access them later.

Dynamic font previews

Dynamic previews

Preview fonts based on their language and character support. View symbols, emojis and foreign language characters at a glance.

Preview color fonts

Color fonts

Behold your vibrant color fonts right in Typeface app. Eye candy doesn't get more sweet than this. Supported on macOS Mojave+

Font activation

Temporary activation

Automatically deactivate fonts when you close the app or shut down your Mac. Useful when you're trying out some fancy fonts and forget to manually deactivate them later.

Missing glyphs

Missing glyphs

Automatically hide fonts that don’t contain the characters you specify. Turn on Hide fonts missing glyphs in the display options.

Loved by many

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Requires macOS 10.12 or higher — Also available on the Mac App Store and Setapp.

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