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Typeface 3 Your all-new favorite font app

Typeface is a wonderful font manager for macOS that helps you pick the perfect type for your designs. A minimal interface and total focus on your fonts makes browsing your collection a delightful experience. And Typeface 3 lets you effortlessly organize even the largest collections with new powerful font management features.

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Requires macOS 10.15 or later — Also available on the Mac App Store and Setapp.

Synced directories

Native support
for Apple Silicon

Synced directories

Compatible with
macOS Sonoma

Synced directories

designed for Mac

Intense focus on fonts

Seeing what your fonts look like is essential when you're exploring and designing typography. The flexible grid with customizable previews gives you a convenient overview of your library so you can easily determine which font conveys just the right emotion you're looking for.

Fonts overview
Fonts overview

Get inspired

Browse through your library without any distraction. Typeface lets you explore all your installed and imported fonts with live customization of preview text and size.

Thoughtful UI

Typeface feels right at home on the Mac. Smooth animations guide you gently through your fonts and the elegant interface puts the focus on what matters.

Reveal every detail

View Unicode characters, inspect OpenType features, tweak variable fonts and study font info. Typeface lets you discover all the intricate details of your fonts.

Preview font body text layouts

Body text layouts

Find out how a font looks in a book, magazine or website article. You can preview one of the full body text layout presets and create your own custom templates.

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Preview variable fonts

Variable fonts

Tweak variable fonts to perfection. Get live previews of your adjustments and easily copy CSS values.

Preview font OpenType features

OpenType features

Take a deep dive into your fonts by inspecting all OpenType font features. Discover ligatures, figure styles, character alternates, fractions, capitals and more.

Preview font Unicode characters

Unicode characters

Preview every character a font supports and copy their HTML or UTF codes. You can even compare characters between fonts to see the small — and big — differences.

Powerful organization

Create tags for styles, projects, use-cases, time periods, brands or any categorization you like. Typeface makes it easy to structurize and manage large font libraries.

Font collections

Tag, you're it

Typeface offers a very flexible and easy to use tagging system that lets you keep even the largest font libraries under control. Nest tags, combine tags, invert tags and filter tags; spend less time searching, more designing.

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Synced directories

Synced directories

Imported locations are kept up-to-date automatically. Just point Typeface to a directory on your Mac and newly downloaded fonts are added on refresh.

Filter fonts

Filter fonts

Find just the one font you need, whether you're looking for a bold serif, or rather fancy a slanted script. Typeface's font filters make searching easy.

Remove font duplicates

Remove fonts

Need to clean up your library a bit? You can move fonts to Trash right from within the app. With advanced filters and a duplicate finder you'll get your font collection squeaky clean in no time.

Smart sidebar

Smart sidebar

Designed to get out of your way: swipe to collapse the sidebar and focus on font previews. While dragging it will automatically expand and highlight already attached tags.

Multi tagging fonts

Multi tagging

The new Multi Tagging panel allows you to attach multiple tags (to multiple fonts) at once, fully keyboard-controllable with fast fuzzy search. Neatly organising your fonts will be an absolute breeze.

Export tags

Tag export

Losing your tags is bad, m'kay. Typeface allows you to export & backup tags to an easily readable json format. So you'll always be able to recover your carefully organised library.

Font Switch

Say goodbye to finicky font pickers: simply drag and drop from Typeface to change a font in your favorite design app. All automated so you don't have to struggle with font names and can be creative instead.

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Switch fonts

Duplicate Magic

Become a cleanup wizard by making needless copies magically disappear. You can find and remove duplicate fonts from your library with just a snap of your fingers.

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Remove font duplicates

Ready? set... Activate!

When you've found the font you need activation is just one click away. Temporary and auto activation help you keep fonts active only when necessary such that your Mac stays clean and fast.

Activate fonts

Persistent activation

Activate fonts whenever you need them. They're activated in-place, so no files are copied or moved. And they stay available until you deactivate them, even after restarting your Mac.

Temporary font activation

Temporary activation

Automatically deactivate fonts when you close the app or shut down your Mac. Useful when you're trying out some fancy fonts and forget to manually deactivate them later.

Font auto activation

Auto activation

Hands-free activation of fonts and you won’t even notice it. Typeface can activate missing fonts behind the scenes right when you open design documents.

Streamlined workflow

The persistent Quick Collection helps you improve your design workflow. While exploring fonts you can quickly mark (and eliminate) potential candidates for your design, without having to worry about losing your selection.

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Collect fonts

Collect candidates

Use the Quick Collection to mark interesting fonts.

Refine selection

Refine selection

Review candidates and remove the least favorable.

Manage fonts

Store to tag

Attach tags to organize and easily find fonts back later.

Fonts in Sync

Typeface links to your imported folders and automatically discovers new fonts. This allows you to use any cloud service you like to sync your fonts across multiple Macs — whether that's Dropbox, Google Drive or just a shared network folder.

Sync fonts using cloud storage
I wear my sunglasses at night

Typography by night

Use the lovely night theme to comfortably preview your fonts in the dark. Of course you're free to use this theme during the day as well.

Making font management fun

From advanced OpenType filters to comparing fonts: every feature is carefully designed to make managing fonts easier and more enjoyable.

Compare fonts

Font compare

Learn to distinguish Helvetica from Arial like a pro, with font overlays that show every little difference.

Font activation

OpenType features

Toggle ligatures, swashes, figure styles, character alternates, fractions, capitals and more.

Preview Google Fonts on Mac

Google Fonts

Expand your library with 5000+ free fonts from the Google Fonts catalog, including fancy variable fonts. All automatically synced to your Mac.

Custom tracking

Custom tracking

Give your characters some room to breathe— just hold down the Option key on your keyboard and pinch or use the tracking slider.

Display Ligatures

Outlines & Metrics

Show baselines, x-height and cap height. Preview outlines to closely inspect glyph curves and use font smoothing to improve legibility.

Auto size fonts

Auto size

Easily compare font appearance, by keeping previews all the same size.

Learn more about appearance

Export fonts to pdf

Export to PDF

Share a beautiful PDF of your hand-picked font collection with your client, boss and colleagues. Or print your favorite font to paper and hang it above your bed.

Manage macOS system fonts

System fonts

Typeface automatically imports all activated fonts that are available on your Mac, including macOS system fonts. But you can also hide system fonts from the app if you don't plan to use them.

Custom font previews

Preview presets

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Choose one of the default presets or create some of your own to quickly access them later.

Dynamic font previews

Dynamic previews

Preview fonts based on their language and character support. View symbols, emojis and foreign language characters at a glance.

Preview color fonts

Color fonts

Behold your vibrant color fonts right in Typeface app. Eye candy doesn't get more sweet than this. Supported on macOS Mojave+

Missing glyphs

Missing glyphs

Only show the fonts that support the characters you need. Enable one of the many language filters or specify the required characters yourself.

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Loved by many

Typeface app is used daily by award-winning studios, freelance designers
and everyone in between. Download the free trial to give it a spin yourself.

Typeface app rating
4.6 out of 5 - based on 420 reviews
Just what I need, GREAT SUPPPORT! I've worked in graphic arts for 40 years thru a variety of technology, using Mac for 35 years. This app fits my needs with Creative Cloud programs. But what makes me write this is the excellent technical support when I have submitted questions. Rare to get the timely and truly helpful/understandable replies!
1957 Dave
Intuitive and it just works I'm blown away by how easy the makes handling my font collection and how seamlessly it works with my apps - both Adobe and Affinity. Well worth the price.
Oscar Fellini
Amazing! Great app, really worth the money. Fits great into MacOS and it's amazing that you can turn fonts on and off. I also really like that I can search for fonts for a specific project I'm working on and then compare them.
Tommy van Kessel
toller Schriftenmanager kleines, leichtes Programm zum schnellen Aktivieren gerade benötigter Schriften. Nette Organisation durch #Tags und Unterstützung von Schriftdateien in eigener Ordnerstruktur.
Excellent Font Manager Since the demise of the great Font managers like Suitcase and Font Explorer Pro, I've been looking for something comparable. At $36 US, this is a fair price for this excellent tool. It does everything it says it does and a good side-grade from Font Explorer Pro.
Great App and even better Developer This is great font manager that did replace an aging one from perhaps the mainstream Font manager for me. The developer is extremely responsive what is a big plus. The elegant design and options to compare fonts leaves the competitors way behind. A big plus is also that you can leave your fonts in its own directory structure. And I could go on…… Just perfect!
I love software that keeps getting better and typeface is one of them Choosing the right font can be a pain but typeface is so good, I'm actually looking forward to do that. I love everything it offers.
An improvement of Font Book This is an excellent font manager and has enhanced features over Font Book. The developer is responsive and updates the app frequently.
Grossartig Komme vom FontexplorerX, der ja nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird. Typeface ist wirklich toll, superschnell, kein eingebauter Shop, kann Googlefonts verwalten.Natürllich muss man seine Gruppen und Kategorisierungen neu aufbauen, was schon sehr hart ist, aber für alte Hasen kommt es zur rechten Zeit, da Postscript Fonts nichtmehr supportet werden seitens Adobe, somit kann man seine Sammlung gleich mal entmüllen.Geiles Programm!
Elegant for choosing fonts One of the nicest features for me is the way I can type something in Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer, or Affinity Photo, then use Typeface to painlessly test the look of alternate fonts. This with a simple drag of a mouse! Another feature is the straightforward way that I have been able to remove almost every one of those pesky NOTO fonts that slow scrolling through Font Book to a crawl. That ability alone is worth the price in gold!
Busby’s mom
Check'em out... then buy it! This has been the best font library app I have found (and have checked out many). What makes it the best:- easy to use- works- developer is engaged and making improvements
Muito simples e excelente Escolher fontes mesmo não arquivadas no computador. Show! Uso constantemente!! Obrigado por este app.
Simple yet useful An excellent app to use and I like using it to explore my fonts, variable axes, and to activate in apps. Very responsive replies from the developer too
Ben Moon
Superb and slick font management As a long time user of Suitcase I find Typeface 3 to be better looking. less complicated, faster and far less incliued to crash. Its massively cheaper too.if youre looking for a great quality font manager dont hesitate just buy it now.** update **Pro version is now available, its reasonably priced and adds valuble features. Really impressed so far
Amazing Nothing else to add. I love it
Very stable and helpful Best way I found to organize over 3k fonts ;-) Thanks for your work.
Designers Dream Font issues disappear with Typeface 3 arrives. That little fox fixes everything as well as being a graphic designers best friend for selecting the right syle. Previews, tags, searches and duplicate finding are all a part of this app's best features with so much more. Most of all I like the tagging feature that allows me to organize and group my favorite fonts. The new version makes it all even better! Five Plus Stars for sure.
Super support As well as the Typface app being well thought through, the support team just demonstrated they can do things very well at the front of house, too. Pleasant, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. Top marks. Peter
Fantastic font browser/viewer I'm a pretty simple font user, so I only use the font browser/viewer in this app, and it's fantastic for that. Has many other features which more advanced font users would appreciate.
There are so many good things about Typeface 3, and the features are super-reliable. Because it requires minimal learning, you can get started with the font manager in a few minutes. Once you do it, you can expect improved productivity as well.
Beautiful app! What a lovely font app. Finally I can say goodbye to Suitcase! :)
Fast & Flexible Typeface is the fastest and most flexible font manager I've ever used. A beautiful UI with frequent updates & improvements, I'm happy to support this developer. Keep up the great work!
The best Really the best font manager I have seen, thank you
Quim B
TF3 perfekt! Hatte TF2 noch ein paar anlaufschwierigkeiten (automatische Schriftenaktivierung, erkennen von Fonts,...) ist TF3 absolut zuverlässig geworden. Schnell bei der Durchsicht von allen Schriften, zügiges aktivieren, leichtes stöbern durch die Font-Bestände,... kurz. Es macht einfach Spaß damit zu arbeiten.Was noch mein Wunsch an das Programm wäre: ein leichteres Handling mit doppelten Schriften und dessen De /Aktivierung. Da ist man im Moment ein wenig auf durchprobieren angewiesen.
Simple and effective Great font manager. Very simple, intuitive and effective to work.Much better than others much more expensive.
Caio Perli
Best typeface manager ever Been using this app for the past 3 years and it just keeps getting better. Clean, easy to use, seamless design. I love how the app scales and lets you view typefaces to browse and collect for a project. Tagging is great for flagging specific projects or clients too. I can easily link to directories of fonts to manage/organize manually or store remotely. I've tried so many other apps and this one trumps them all. Easy to browse through thousands of typefaces. Works with Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit as well.
Love this Font Application This app is user friendly and simple to work!
Das beste Tool für Schriftenverwaltung Ich habe bereits ein paar getestet, finde dieses am Besten.
Perfect Tool I love being able to see the text I want in all my available fonts.
You Better Ask Somebody GD
Former Suitcase Fusion User Everything that you need is in this less expensive, better designed font management app. I used Suitcase from the time it was released up to the current iterations of Suitcase Fusion. Most of the time I felt like I was spending my time wrestling with costly upgrades or incompatible versions. Typeface makes it simple and painless and it does everything and more that a designer needs. Thank you Typeface!!
Excellent ! J'ai cherché longtemps un visualiseur de polices simple et performant à prix abordable.Type face est très bien concu, affiche vite et gère de milliers de polices instantanément ! Que demander de plus ? Bravo et merci. ;)
Marc_Eric alias Mvector
Best in class As part of my switch to M1, I decided to rethink my approach to font management. Two aspects of Typeface that strongly appealed to me are its non-intrusive way of handling your fonts, meaning that you can organise and structure your fonts folder however you wish - I do mine by style and by client/project. Typeface doesn’t take your fonts and create its own database - it leaves your folders alone and just links to them. I store my fonts on a cloud folder so they’re all accessible from whichever computer I’m using. Typeface makes this possible.Secondly, and this is big, is the ability to apply fonts without activating them, simply by drag and dropping the font into your layout. This means that you don’t end up with a menu full of activated fonts that you don’t need when you’re experimenting with a layout. It’s actually made me a lot more experimental and diverse with my font choices.Typeface’s UI is clear, slick and easy on the eye. Makes other font management apps look dated and tired. Features are clearly labelled and intuitive, the detailed previews are both beautiful and functional. Best in class and an easy recommendation for me.
Fried Egg Sandwich
Love this Application This application has everything a web designer would ever need when it comes to the capabilities and easy use. Love
Excellent I took a gamble with this, with so many fornt management systems out there. I was using Suitcase before, but it became to cumbersome and annoying.This does whjat it does very well, and works for me. The intergratin with Adobe Creatuive Suite could be smoother (auto loading fonts for jobs), as its slow if it works at all. Also the font clash thing is irritating as it would be better if the software placed duplicates into a seperate folder, as sometimes the version that loads isn't the correct one.So it's a 4star because the lil niggles I have, other than that I'm happy with this product.
Love this Application This application has everything a web designer would ever need when it comes to the capabilities and easy use. Love
Best Mac font manager Clean interface. Fast and native code -- no an Electron app. that will drain all your RAM (Hi Fontbase)
Best font app EVER! Been working in the graphic design industry for more than 20 years now. It is a GOOD and intuitive font app. The auto activation is key for me. But overall is a FANTASTIC font app.
Lara Lawless
Le meilleur gestionnaire de police Après en avoir testé pas mal, j'ai par hasard jeté un oeil à Typeface. Il est presque parfait. Rien ne manque à mon sens à ce gestionnaire de police. Ultra rapide, léger, activation rapide dans la CC. Top.
The best font management app!!! I cannot image life in design without this precous app. Thanks
Bonyo B
Really slick I've used Suitcase for years but wanted to try something new that didn't cost a fortune and Typeface 3 fits the bill perfectly. It's easy to use and simply just works. The oly thing I would like is a second line on the preview as I have uppercase and lowercase alphabet set on the preview plus numbers.
metro x
What are you waiting for? What can I say, I love this app. Does exactly what it promises to an affordable price.
Great font manager Have been using this for a while now and it completely replaces Suitcase (which I've used since the 90s). It has everything I need and want from a font maanger. It works well and looks beautiful. Thank you 😀
super tool I use it a LOT. for every project a must have
So impressed with this app I've been using suitcase for years but it wasn't until I tried Typeface did i realise how lacking suitcase is. This app has made looking through my typefaces fun putting them front and center with a priority on typeface tagging and searching amongst other awesome features. Plus you can't argue with the price and finally got me out of subscribing for suitcase.
So much better than Font Book Typeface3 has saved my bacon many times.
A Great App This app gets better with each update.
Amazing App It is simple, lightweight and beautifully designed. A must for typography lovers.
I used Extensis portfolio for many years until they lost the plot, Typeface saved the day many thanks!!!
Sunnyside Studio
Great to use - an effective font Manager Having worked with many type mangagers over many decades I decided to try Typeface 2 (2020) and now Typeface 3 which is as good as those that cost a lot more - and more likely these days force you to subscribe to. Typeface 2 & 3 is simple to use and works fast and so well in my work flow - really appreciate the frequent updates and improvements from the developer. This reinforces the fact that this was a good choice to make.
Love comparing fonts! Typeface is a goldmine! I save so much time seeing all my fonts together and being able to pick the fonts I want to compare with the phrase I need. Recommended for anyone who deals with designing with fonts. Love it!!
Great software Well-designed. Rock solid performance. Responsive development. Just a wonderful little app.
Excellent ! J'ai cherché longtemps un visualiseur de polices simple et performant à prix abordable.Type face est très bien concu, affiche vite et gère de milliers de polices instantanément ! Que demander de plus ? Bravo et merci. ;)
Marc_Eric alias Mvector
Best in class As part of my switch to M1, I decided to rethink my approach to font management. Two aspects of Typeface that strongly appealed to me are its non-intrusive way of handling your fonts, meaning that you can organise and structure your fonts folder however you wish - I do mine by style and by client/project. Typeface doesn’t take your fonts and create its own database - it leaves your folders alone and just links to them. I store my fonts on a cloud folder so they’re all accessible from whichever computer I’m using. Typeface makes this possible.Secondly, and this is big, is the ability to apply fonts without activating them, simply by drag and dropping the font into your layout. This means that you don’t end up with a menu full of activated fonts that you don’t need when you’re experimenting with a layout. It’s actually made me a lot more experimental and diverse with my font choices.Typeface’s UI is clear, slick and easy on the eye. Makes other font management apps look dated and tired. Features are clearly labelled and intuitive, the detailed previews are both beautiful and functional. Best in class and an easy recommendation for me.
Fried Egg Sandwich
Very Smart Great app so far.
Lightweight, modern and friendly Font manager I have stepped away from the big and sluggish fossiles and have embraces Typeface as my new font managing darling
Amazing App Some much customization. I use it for all of my projects.
Schnell, zuverlässig, keine Gimmicks Seit es Fontmanagementsoftware auf dem Mac gibt verwende ich diese. Eine Weile war mein Favorit Fonts von Bohemian Coding. Super schnell, simpel, eher View als Manage. Die App wurde dann eingestellt und irgendwann kam Typeface auf den Markt. Love at first sight! Schnell, gute Features, genau was mir als Gestalter immer fehlte in den Majorplayern der letzten Jahrzehnte, die immer wirkten wie ein schlecht kaschierter Shop, nicht wie ein Tool. Ich kann Typeface zu 100% empfehlen und bin sehr happy. Und wenn es ein Problem gibt ist der Support super schnell! Tolle App.
Absolut Top Einfach, übersichtlich, Top
fast, efficient, cost effective I used Suitcase Fusion for years, but it became quite expensive. This tool has low CPU requirements and runs well in the background.
Gets the job done Simple and effective
AWESOME FONT ORGANIZER!! This is font organizer keeps all my fonts in one spot. I can open the app and type in my own verbiage and see in one place what they all look like. One of my all time favorite tools!
Love it! It keeps improving!
Chris and Rita
time saver so glad to be using Typeface to help me see which fonts to use.
Das Ding ... ... ist schlank, macht Laune und sieht gut aus! Absolute Empfehlung!
Sevdim Kullanışlı bir font yönetimi...
Wunderschönes und praktisches Programm Eine sehr schöne Schriftenverwaltung. Zunächst musste ich mich ein wenig eingewöhnen. Besonders gefallen mir die Vorschaufunktionen und hier insbesondere "Text". Die Aktivierung bei Affinity-Programmen funktioniert wunderbar.
Empfehlenswert Einfache Bedienung, übersichtliches Interface, regelmässige Updates. Hilft sehr bei der Verwaltung einer grossen Anzahl von Schriften.
Excellent Good application, has given to me all the control about my fonts
Simple with great funcionality – Love this app For my work absolutely the best app for font managing. Should be used instead of font book
excellent :) i like very much this app :)
Impresindible Excelente App
Muy bueno De fácil uso. La aplicación es amigable e intituiva.
Jugador moderado
Not the most powerful, but a great balance There are more powerful apps out there, but this great little app does everything I need for a fraction of the price. And any developper that implements an honest and fair upgrade system instead of jumping on the scammy 'app rental' (aka. 'subscription') bandwagon gets an automatic purchase from me. 👍 👍 👍
Initial Impressions Nice: It acts like a Mac app (not a cross-platform port). Reasonable cost and licensing scheme. It works :-) I'll update with specifics as I dig in.
Лучший Перепробовал множество менеджеров шрифтов, но этот оказался лучшим: удобный, быстрый, красивый, недорогой.
Better than I expected Having trawled the internet for an alternative non subscription Type Managment option not many had spoke about Typeface that I could find. They all seem to reccommend other way more expensive options. Having been an Extensis, Suticase Fusion user since the very beginning I came to the end of the road when they pulled an Adobe and went subscription based. Just for the price itself, Typeface 3 is worth buying. Add the ability to use this on other machines you own without penalty is a bonus. Having Auto Activation is like the icing on the cake. Being a simple to use, fast and mostly intuative user Interface and the ability to save your collections by use of tags is the cherry on top. Seems to work well with Adobe and Affinity so am very happy with my purchase.
It Does Its Thing Well I use this app a lot. Pretty much at the begining of most new design projects. It allows me to quickly scroll through my font library and set type or a headline or word or ligature for a project or logo before jumping into a design app to do the actual design. Its simple and doesn't try to do to much which is perfect. Just do your one thing, do it well, and get out of the way. Wish more apps would take that approach.
Great Program I have enjoyed using this program. It's easy to use - takes a little to get used too but then works great between programs and I have over 5000 fonts - So I only have to turn on the ones I need or want at the time.
Typeface 3 I have been awaiting this new release and very pleased to see it and the new features. Beautifully laid out, easy to navigate and it simply works well. I was going to upgrade to the new Pro version but noticed that this NEW version isn't optimised for Apple Silicon which is a huge shame. Quick email response from the developer to say, "On it" - Excellent. And now available !!
Merveilleuse mise à jour ! Typeface était déjà de loin ma référence pour la gestion de polices. Cette version 3, outre multitude de nouvelles fonctions, apporte notamment la possibilité de tester les gris typographiques grâce à un générateur de texte mis en forme. Le soucis du détail apporté à tous les niveaux procure un véritable plaisir à l'utilisation de Typeface, surtout avec un trackpad ! Les développeurs de cette qualité manquent à l'App Store…
Superslick Love the simple interface. Takes a bit to get used to a few things but you'll understand why as you use it over a short time. It's very powerful but the power is well hidden and out of the way.
Classy app This is a very classy app. It looks BEAUTIFUL and is very easy to use. After many years of Suitcase Fusion I have NO regrets about switching – this app makes choosing fonts for a project something I really look forward to (it felt like a chore with Suitcase). Customer support (which I needed as I had set something up incorrectly) was great – fast and friendly and solved my issue with the first reply. I wish all my apps were this good.
Great app for viewing fonts in my collection! I love using this app to help me find the right font for whatever project I am working on. I use it in conjunction with Font Book. I always hated the way Font Book displayed my fonts as it made it tedious to find exactly what I needed for a project. But with Typeface 2, I can see more of my fonts displayed at one time, which makes finding that perfect font more streamlined. I still install new fonts via Font Book and Typeface 2 will display that new font in the collection I installed it into. This app is well worth the small investment and I use it daily in my work.
The best out there I've tried too many font managers (some much more expensive) and none of them match the effortless speed and usability of Typeface. It's just "nice". Whenever a Windows friend doesn't know what I mean by a "nice mac app" I fire up Typeface. There are thoughful touches throughout and I can trust it to just work. In addition, the developer was really helpful sorting out a backup problem I had. Did you know it backs up your tags automatically? This alone saved me hours.
Vast improvement over free version I just bought this yesterday and I already know that it is far superior to what I tried a few versions ago. The big competitor I had been using was moving to a subscription method which seemed pointless after years of my struggling to get the right fonts open and working. From that other font software I collected all the fonts for outpit and then deleted the app. Right after that I opened Typeface and loaded all my thousands of my fonts. Works like a dream! Thanks!
Best in its Class By far the most responsive, fluid, intuitive, beautiful, and useful font manager. In addition, Floor offers oustanding support. Can only recommend!
It has one job and does it well I have used MANY different font managers over the course of my career and for the money this one does exactly what I need it to do. Activate and deactivate fonts and don't use a ton of system resources (like font book). Yes it integrates with Adobe apps and just about anything else, at least I have never found it to not work with any application on my laptop. Sure it could have auto activate then again it could have more bells and whistles but really what it does now is perfect.
Stable software The software is much more stable than Extensis Suitcase, which I used to use. The UI is a bit mind boggling and is not intuitive at all, which is why I've decided on 3 stars. edit: updating to 4 stars b/c I found preference settings that make the app much more user-friendly. The UI is still unintuitive and does not behave like any other application I have ever used. That being said, the software is solid and I have no regrets switching to this from Suitcase.
Eat this, Adobe! Wunderschöner, schneller, intuitiver, leistungsstarker Fontmanager. Ganz großartig, unbedingte Empfehlung.
Simple and easy to use If you like me just want a simple way to keep your fonts organised and don't need all the functions of more advanced managers this is the font manager for you. Also great support with direct email to Floor the creator of the app.
Designer's Dream I've been a professional Graphic Designer since 1976. (yes I'm old). I've worked with just about every pro type management software availiable through the years. Typeface 2 is the most intuitive, creativity enhancing Type Mananger I've ever worked with. It even has auto activation with Affinity Apps. It handles my 10,000 plus font librairy with ease. A designer's dream. Well done!
Big Old Goofy Designer
Ongoing updates This is finally the best solutuon for fornt management for the mac at the moment. Add this with a dropbox... and you're all set.
Fast genial Prima Schriftverwaltung! Etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, wenn man z.B. Fontexplorer gewöhnt ist, aber allein die Gechwindigkeit der Darstellung von hunderten von Fonts ist einfach überzeugend. Auch die automatische Aktivierung für Adobe klappt wunderbar. Hier kann man komfortabel durch all seine Font-Ressourcen scrollen, was das Arbeiten erheblich erleichtert. Was ich bisher nicht verstehe ist, wie man mehrere Fonts auf ein Mal aktivieren kann. Ich vermute, dass ich es nur noch nicht entdeckt habe, ansonsten gäbe es einen Stern Abzug. Insgesamt prima Tool, dass sich für den Preis ohne Frage für jeden Designer lohnt. Klare Kaufempfehlung!
実用的進化 フォントの自動アクティベート機能が追加され、使い易い実用的なフォント管理ソフトに進化。 OSX Catalina環境、InDesign2020やIllustrator2020でも問題なく使用フォントの自動アクティベートできてます。
A great alternative to higher price font management software! I have been designing and developing for many years and I have found this application a great option for font management on the Mac. I love its simplicity, reliability, and affordability. The developer did a great job balancing features and price!
Awesome little font manager This is a great little font manager that provides a great balance of just enough features without being too cumbersome. I do wish the auto tagging feature could auto tag more fonts—only about half of mine got auto tagged. Otherwise this app takes a daunting task of finding the perfect font for a project much easier.
The Next BIG Level in Font Management Auto activation feature is silent in the background, so you don’t have to waste your time waiting on annoying pop-ups, just let this App do the job for you. Full of UNIQUE, PRACTICAL AND PRODUCTIVE features and EXTREMELY SIMPLE to use. Typeface App is in The Next Big Level Of Font Management.
Perfect Font Management Best application I have used for font management in my 20 years experience! Thank you!
Beautiful The best font manager I have used. Powerful tagging and filtering interface. Makes searching for the right typeface a joy.
Finally, a great font manager! No overkill, simple, well done. There are so many font managers, etc. for PC. Many of them free. But for Macs, we had a choice of expensive, complicated, bloated and total overkill unless you are in media production. I was SO ahppy to find this. It doesn't break the bank, it is clean, simple and does what 95% of users need. It doesnt' take a class to figure out how to use it. Thank you!!
Joe Malzeit
Slick and efficient It’s very efficient and quick to browse through an insane number of fonts with typeface. The tagging system is pretty good, only little tiny issue is I wish it was a little easier to find un-tagged fonts as some can slip throgh the cracks. Selection of candidates into a collection takes a little getting used to but it’s worth it. Highly recommended.
Better than Font Book and all others Wouldn't it be great to tag your fonts according to style, project you're developing, or any classification and then perform a Boolean search with those tags? Or how about make tag lists of your fonts and select a particular face to be shown in group mode? What about make a PDF book of your font lists to show your colleague or clients? These are only some of the things you can only do with with TypeFace.
The Best Font Manager I love this app. By far the best Font Manager available. I love being able to quickly compare fonts, organize them by project with tags, activate/deacivate them, and import all the Google Fonts to work with them in all the Adobe apps seamlessly. The interface is clean and really well organized, which makes a pleasure to work with. No clutter, no confusing structure. And the app dev, Floor, is super responsive and really cares about his customers. He patienly helped me troubleshoot a problem I was having with the app when I migrated to a new iMac. I highly recommend this app!
Nr.1 Simply the best, and I've really tried many.
Even the best graphic designers can’t visually remember more than a few dozen fonts in their heads, and without tagging you’re lost in a sea of random or overused picks. With Typeface, we are able to tag our vast font library and run boolean searches - in other words pick out qualities in fonts that we had stored away and would have forgotten. This helps us greatly expand our repertoire.
Alex Barkaloff
I use Typeface app on two Macs and it's a great way to keep my extensive font folder organised. I store all my fonts in an iCloud folder and have that folder synced on both machines. It's a great app to help with choosing a font with the enhanced display/preview options and tagging. Highly recommended at a bargain price.
Phill D
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