TYPEFACE Changelog

Typeface app release notes

Typeface v2.3.0 [2019-01-12]

NEW Quickly (de)activate a font by clicking the grey/blue activation indicator bullet
NEW Tags are grouped in context menus and the main menu
NEW The last added/removed tag is remembered and can be found on the top of the tag list context menu
NEW Tags can be pinned to the top of the tag context menu (hold Option to pin/unpin)
NEW Remember custom preview text presets
NEW Switch preview text preset in the context menu
IMPROVED Improved background check performance on launch
IMPROVED Added Chinese preview text presets
IMPROVED Added designer, manufacturer and license info on font detail view
IMPROVED Tags with uppercase characters should be sorted correctly
FIXED Search field color in Sierra
FIXED Switching between Info and Characters in detail view should be more performant
FIXED Renamed directories where only the case is changed should not imported duplicated fonts

Typeface v2.2.1 [2018-11-22]

NEW Added support for .scr fonts
NEW Automatically switch to/from Mojave Dark mode
NEW Show context aware ‘empty’ messages to make it more clear why no previews are visible
IMPROVED Importing large tag exports should be significantly faster
IMPROVED Allow selecting multiple directories when importing
FIXED Hide app icon from dock when launched on login and background mode + ‘hide’ is turned on
FIXED Search field in Mojave should keep input text visible when inactive
FIXED Prevent deleting #!typeface/active tag from detail view
FIXED Prevent focus on search field when app becomes active in background mode
FIXED Prevent unresponsive main menu when app becomes active in background mode
FIXED Prevent crash when font contains zero characters

Typeface v2.2.0 [2018-09-28]

NEW Collapse tags with subtags in the sidebar
NEW Remember the last chosen tab in detail view (can be turned off in Preferences)
NEW Remember the last chosen tag when launching the app (can be turned off in Preferences)
IMPROVED Imported locations are sorted by name
IMPROVED Reduced visibility of blue outlines for preview cells in the Quick Collection
IMPROVED Searching in very large libraries should be more performant
IMPROVED Moved sidebar group collapse action to context menu instead of double click to make it less sensitive to accidental collapses
IMPROVED Allow directly returning to the Quick Collection from a detail view
FIXED Timeout issues when syncing Google fonts on a slow connection
FIXED Removed occasional quick flash of previews when switching tags
FIXED Immediately render sidebar tag selected state on click
FIXED Greyed-out back button when window is not in focus
FIXED The correct tag should be selected when expanding the sidebar if Typeface was launched with a collapsed sidebar

Typeface v2.1.0 [2018-08-15]

Google Fonts catalog

Expand your library with 2000+ free fonts from the Google Fonts catalog. When imported Typeface keeps the fonts up-to-date so you’ll automatically get the latest fonts when they’re added to the catalog.

NEW Added Google Fonts sync. Import them in Preferences > Import > Import Google Fonts
NEW Added .bmap extension (requires suit file in same directory)
NEW Copy font path in context menu by holding down Option
IMPROVED Fonts are removed from Typeface when they’re moved to the Trash
IMPROVED Show main window when in background mode and the app is opened again
FIXED Font names should have correct display names instead of PostScript name
FIXED Swipe with two fingers now also works on magic mouse
FIXED Various Mojave fixes, including crashes when dragging fonts
FIXED Crash when location is removed while a font in that location is viewed in detail view

Typeface v2.0.4 [2018-05-22]

FIXED Manually refreshing locations now correctly imports new fonts
FIXED Prevent crash when viewing license window after trial is expired
FIXED Correctly restore sidebar selected state when expanding with many tags
FIXED Typo when license is registered

Typeface v2.0.3 [2018-05-09]

NEW Prevent Typeface from quitting when closing the window and keep it running in the status bar, enable this setting in Preferences
FIXED Allow Control clicking on sidebar items to get the context menu
FIXED Renaming tags to a subtag now works (e.g. #abc -> #abc/def)
FIXED Previously hidden tags due to subtag rename bug are restored
FIXED Prevent font containers (ttc) from deactivating multiple times

Typeface v2.0.2 [2018-04-26]

FIXED Inactive compare option in context menu of single font
FIXED Font table crashes
FIXED Scroll to top when going to tag from Quick Collection
FIXED Scroll to top when searching
FIXED Titlebar fade animation
FIXED Disallow multiple lines in preview text input
FIXED Activation issues when Font Book fonts are disabled

Typeface v2.0.0 [2018-04-18]

Twice as nice

Typeface just got a whole lot better! Introducing Typeface 2: Improved font management, more smart features and still a lovely simple UI.


  • Typeface now supports importing directories. Choose File > Import (Command-O) to import a directory or drag and drop a directory from Finder onto Typeface app.
  • Imported directories are automatically synced on each start (new fonts are added, removed fonts are deleted from Typeface).
  • Typeface will automatically import fonts from Font Book on each start.


  • Brand new sidebar with (custom) tags
  • To open/close the sidebar: swipe right/left with two fingers, use the new sidebar button in the toolbar or press Command-/
  • The sidebar automatically opens when you drag fonts towards it, so you can keep it closed if you want.
  • Create new tags by using the ‘+’ button on the sidebar or press Command-N.


  • The tags implementation in Typeface is very flexible: you’re able to create nested tags, combine tags, subtract tags and invert tags.
  • Nest tags: simply add the ’/‘ character to a tag name to create a nested tag, e.g. “projects/company”. You can nest multiple levels deep.
  • Combine tags: Command click multiple tags in the sidebar to combine.
  • Subtract tags: Use the Search field to narrow down your visible previews. The search field autocompletes tags when you start typing the ‘#’ character.
  • Invert tags: Option click on a tag in the sidebar to invert it, e.g. ‘Activated’ becomes ‘Deactivated’
  • Typeface will automatically add style tags to imported fonts (script/sans etc.)
  • The previous Quick Collection is automatically restored on start (#saved-quick-collection)


  • The Quick Collection is still here as a ‘persistent’ version of selection.
  • To support a more traditional ‘selection’ workflow, you can toggle the ‘Collection Priority’ mode in preferences.
  • Drag all your collected fonts by holding down Command and drag.
  • Use Command-A / Command-Shift-A to collect all/ uncollect all.
  • Hold Command-Shift and click to collect a range.
  • Use the ‘Edit’ menu to batch apply tags to all your collected previews.


  • You can drag fonts to tags in the Sidebar to attach that tag to the dragged font(s).
  • Hold Option to remove the tag from the dragged font(s).
  • Hold Command to drag all collected fonts in the current view.
  • When dragging the sidebar will automatically highlight already attached tags.
  • When dragging in ‘Collapse Families’ mode, you’ll automatically drag all fonts in the family.
  • If you drag fonts to the ‘Activated’ tag the dragged fonts will be activated (if you hold Option the fonts will be deactivated).


  • Added dedicated search field.
  • Moved preview input to ‘Aa’ button (you can also summon the preview input by pressing Command-L or the Spacebar key).
  • Changed tracking modifier key to Option (was Command).


  • You can right click a preview to start comparing.
  • Added Quick Collection drop down in compare bar (click blue font name in compare bar to quickly switch between collected fonts).

Font Info

  • On the detail view a new ‘Info’ tab is added, which shows basic font information.
  • Below the table the currently added tags are available, you can click on user tags and remove them. System tags (the second row) cannot be removed.

Auto Activation (experimental)

  • Auto Activation is available for supported apps, you can turn it on in Preferences.


Typeface v1.6.0 [2017-10-03]

High Sierra

High Sierra compatibility

Typeface v1.5.0 [2016-10-11]

Rock and roll


This update brings you multiple actions that let you organise all your fonts at once:

  • Activation: activate/deactivate all fonts in the current collection
  • Collections: add multiple fonts to an existing collection, the Quick Collection or a brand new collection
  • Clear: remove all the fonts in the current collection in a single sweep

Together with the previous update which introduced quick selecting fonts with CMD-click, your typography workflow will be faster than ever: Add the fonts you like to the Quick Collection, switch over to the Quick Collection (new shortcut: CMD-3), then save as a new collection (CMD-SHIFT-N)

Also included in this update:

  • multiple new keyboard shortcuts
  • changed the preview field placeholder to be more intuitive
  • added support for the new CMD-click shortcut in Family view
  • removed click delay when clicking on a source tab while it animates
  • fixed issue when adding fonts to favourites in Sierra
  • fixed issue when adding fonts to Quick Collection in Family view
  • fixed some inconsistencies when deactivating a font in the Quick Collection

Typeface v1.4.5 [2016-09-20]


Typy McTypeface is back with another free update:

  • Support for macOS Sierra!
  • Made preview cells even more compact
  • Added a quick new shortcut to add/remove fonts to the Quick Collection: just Command-click a preview :)
  • Improved visibility of Quick Collection indicator
  • Fixed bug when scrolling with up and down arrow keys during transition

Typeface v1.4.0 [2016-06-24]

Old School Cool

Print and export to PDF is here! Now you can send your hand-picked font collection to your client, boss and colleagues for review. Or be OldSchoolCool and let your printer turn that beautiful blank white paper into even more beautiful font preview sheets 8-) Speaking of old school… Still have some PostScript Type 1 font suitcase files laying around from back in the day? Yep, from now on Typeface will preview those too.

  • Export your fonts to a beautiful PDF
    • Keep it digital and choose File > Print… > PDF (in lower left-hand corner of the print panel)
    • Or choose to print that sexy typography to paper
    • Support for multiple font overview or single font detail
  • Added support for PostScript Type 1 fonts
  • Added Thai language pangram, ไม่เป็นไร
  • Added option to prevent loading duplicate duplicate fonts fonts (on by default)
  • Decreased minimum preview point size to 8pts
  • Fixed collection dropdown menu position when using a secondary screen
  • Prevent blank previews when you enter a space into the preview input

Typeface v1.3.0 [2016-05-07]

Not my style

This update brings some convenient new features to Typeface: Find fonts faster with the all new Font Filters, better browsing with Auto Sizing previews and handy predefined pangrams.

  • Filter fonts by weight, width, slant and style
  • Added magic Auto Size option to make all previews the same size for even better comparing
  • Added common preview options and pangrams
  • Tracking is now always visible in the toolbar - it’s also a toggle to change to the tracking slider
  • Improved legibility of font names
  • Added a secret-but-not-really-hidden review/rating panel with awesome animations
  • Easily remove active filter from the toolbar
  • Improved preview position when adjusting the tracking
  • Control-click now behaves the same as right-click
  • Various theming fixes: loading screen, font titles and indicators
  • Deactivating font collections (.dfont, .ttf) from system tab removes all associated previews
  • Improved minimal fox icon
  • Previews will not be stuck in compare mode after restarting the app

Typeface v1.2.1 [2016-03-26]

Sincerely yours

  • Added Thanks & Acknowledgements to About window
  • Fixed missing fonts in system tab if font does not contain a family name
  • Fixed launch issue if the Time format in System Preferences was changed by the user

Typeface v1.2.0 [2016-03-23]


Your requests have been heard (thanks!) and Typeface delivers with the two most-wanted features: Font activation & persistent settings!

  • Font activation & deactivation (no need to launch FontBook anymore, hurray)
  • Persistent settings across app launches (Don’t know why this wasn’t included before, and can’t think of an excuse. Maybe because errrm… the, you know… errrm… Nope got nothing.)
  • Added a User fonts collection, which shows the active fonts not in system locations
  • Fixed font sorting in collections, because a b c d is better than b d c a
  • Fixed dragging app window to a split view space
  • Fixed outline color for missing characters
  • Fixed crash when loading characters of certain formatted fonts

Typeface v1.1.1 [2016-02-26]

Wax on Wax off

A quick maintenance release to polish it all up a bit.

  • Made fox icon a bit more friendly, I swear she’s a good girl!
  • Fixed fuzzy fox icon on retina screens when no fonts are found
  • Fixed incorrectly positioned previews when using Typeface on a non-retina external screen connected to retina MacBook, thanks for reporting :)
  • Improved speed of loading large directories and added a cancel button for the impatient
  • Fixed greyed-out display options icon after loading directories
  • Fixed crash when removing duplicated fonts from collections
  • Fixed crash when loading a directory without permission

Typeface v1.1.0 [2016-02-02]

Collectors edition

The first BIG update for Typeface, with awesome new features!

  • Font Book collection integration. That’s right. Font. Book. Collections.
  • A streamlined font selection & review workflow: 1) Browse your catalog and drag candidate fonts you like into the Quick Collection 2) Refine the selection by eliminating fonts 3) Only the best font survives
  • T r a c k i n g support (hold down the Command button on your keyboard and s p a c e your letters like an astronaut)
  • Decreased loading times of System fonts and Directory fonts
  • Improved speed of “Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs” setting
  • Keep scroll position when switching source (System/Directory/Quick Collection)
  • Removed the Glyphs tab as it turned out to be confusing
  • Fixed rendering glitch when quickly changing size after switching source
  • Fixed ‘No fonts found’ theming when in Night mode. Sorry for the blinded eyes
  • Fixed a one-in-a-million stability issue, hurray!
  • Fixed a bug nobody has ever discovered, nor will anyone ever know about 8-)

Typeface v1.0.1 [2015-12-17]

A Quicky

  • Fixed inactive menu items on app start

Typeface v1.0.0 [2015-12-10]

The Original

  • First version of Typeface!
  • Perfectly rendered previews from installed fonts or fonts in a directory
  • Custom preview text & size that let you view the fonts the way you want
  • List & grid overviews, focused on your collection
  • Revealing all the little differences with font compare
  • Unicode characters support
  • Font glyphs grid
  • Night mode
  • Outlined previews
  • Metrics overlay
  • Standard & discretionary ligatures