Typeface app release notes

Even the most polished font manager for Mac needs updates every now and then. Just to make it more awesome.

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Typeface v3.13 May 28th, 2024


Browse subfolders

With Typeface app you have full control over where you store your fonts. When you import a folder Typeface links to its location, font files are not copied or moved.

This also allows you to organize your font files and folder structure however you want. You’re not constrained to an app managed hierarchy. For example you can group fonts in subfolders by foundry, source, client or even alphabetically.

Now in Typeface v3.13 you can view your custom subfolder structure from Finder directly in the sidebar. Expand your imported locations to browse through subfolders and find the fonts you need. Filter fonts by adding a nested folder to the search filters, or directly activate and deactivate fonts in a specific directory. And you can quickly collapse all folders to get them out of the way.

If you’ve already imported multiple separate subfolders into the app you can simply import their parent folder from Finder. Expand the parent folder in the sidebar to explore subfolders. Then you can remove the separate imported locations from the sidebar and your fonts will stay imported through the imported parent folder.

NEW Browse subfolders of imported locations in the sidebar
NEW Filter, activate and deactivate fonts located in a specific subfolder
NEW Added setting to switch between localized and standard English font style names (Regular, Bold etc.)
IMPROVED Show informational message when activating PostScript Type 1 fonts
IMPROVED Ask for confirmation when importing multiple folders at once
IMPROVED Improved performance of importing multiple folders
IMPROVED Tweaked expand/collapse arrow in sidebar to make it better visible
IMPROVED Increased performance of scrolling using arrow keys
IMPROVED Reduced memory usage during large imports
FIXED Properly clean up progression sheets when loading is done
FIXED Small fixes to improve stability of Google Fonts sync

Typeface v3.12.2 April 22nd, 2024

IMPROVED Restored syncing of new variable Google Fonts
IMPROVED Show an indicator when a subtag of a tag is attached to a font in the Tags context menu
IMPROVED Select a matching font when typing to scroll in overview
FIXED Ask for permission to copy font files when exporting fonts that are imported through the Font Book location
FIXED Prevent unresponsive fonts in overview when scrolling fast
FIXED Keep scroll position when changing theme in overview
FIXED Set correct theme for fonts that are missing in overview

Typeface v3.12.1 March 11th, 2024

IMPROVED Show disabled icon when dragging fonts to the menu bar to indicate drop will cancel
IMPROVED Added option to Settings to prefer Font Switch instead of exporting when dragging to external apps. (Prevents crash in Affinity apps)
IMPROVED Improved compatibility with some design apps when using Font Switch and exporting fonts is preferred

Typeface v3.12 March 4th, 2024


Font Export

Need to collect some fonts for output and copy them to a folder? You can now export font files directly from Typeface app and store them in a specific location in Finder. This allows you to archive fonts next to your project files, or you can easily package fonts to share with colleagues, clients, or collaborators.

Export fonts by choosing File > Export from the main menu, or drag and drop them wherever you want. You can drag to Finder, your Desktop or even to shelf apps such as Dropzone, Yoink and Dropover. Learn more

NEW Choose File > Export > Export Fonts… (CommandShiftE) from the main menu to export the selected fonts
NEW Drag and drop fonts to Finder (or your Desktop) to export the dragged fonts
NEW Right click (or Control click) on a tag in the sidebar and choose Export > Export Fonts… to export fonts in a tag
NEW Added Export > Backup Tag… option to the tag context menu in the sidebar to create a tag backup for a single tag
NEW Long press on the Quick Collect icon in the toolbar to export & backup collected fonts
NEW Added File > Import > Tags > Import Backup… option to the main menu to quickly save a backup of your tags
IMPROVED Disable auto classification of fonts when removing any of the style tags from the sidebar
IMPROVED Clarified confirmation messages when removing tags, locations or fonts
IMPROVED Allow permanently removing font files when the volume they’re stored on doesn’t support the macOS Trash
IMPROVED Offer to remove fonts from the library when moving to Trash but the font files are missing
IMPROVED Show custom family name for families with a single font when grouping by family
IMPROVED Added tooltip to main preview icon in Family Editor to clarify what it does
IMPROVED Immediately dismiss search field when clicking on buttons
IMPROVED Truncate font title in the middle when dragging a font with a long name
FIXED Hide the Detach Quick Collection item from the tags submenu when some of the selected fonts are collected
FIXED Prevent crash when right clicking on an empty part of the Duplicate Finder
FIXED Hide progress bar on macOS Catalina when no fonts or details are available

Typeface v3.11.3 February 12th, 2024

IMPROVED Added Quick Collection item to Tags context menu to collect the currently selected fonts
IMPROVED Added Select All option to the long press Quick Collect corner button to select all currently collected fonts
IMPROVED Added Command0 (zero) keyboard shortcut to show the main window when it’s hidden
IMPROVED Changed Import Duplicates to Skip Duplicates in Settings to make it more clear
IMPROVED The keyboard shorcut Control0 (zero) now toggles the Quick Collection and returns to the previous tag when pressed again
FIXED Activate personal variants of macOS document support fonts when using Font Switch (such as Druk Wide)
FIXED Allow persistently activating macOS document support fonts
FIXED Deactivate fonts when clicking on the activation button in the List Styles tab while holding down the Shift key
FIXED Correctly scroll up down when using the arrow keys in the Variables detail tab
FIXED Prevent flashing a loading screen when launching the app with large font libraries
FIXED Don’t show an error message when refreshing an imported folder which has been moved in Finder
FIXED Prevent highlighting the activation button when hovering over the List Styles rows in macOS Sonoma
FIXED Properly layout the file path in the Info context menu on macOS Sonoma
FIXED Round corners of selected tags in Search field, Tag Attach panel and Info detail tab on macOS Sonoma
FIXED Allow (de)activation of fonts using the sidebar context menu when the imported folder has been moved in Finder
FIXED Show in-app purchase panel in front of main window when registering a license on app launch
FIXED Prevent crash when clicking on a sidebar item when it has been removed
FIXED Highlight scroll bar on hover when scroll bars are set to be always visible
FIXED Allow custom keyboard shortcuts to toggle tags on selected fonts using the Font main menu
FIXED Set dynamic previews to Traditional/Simplified Chinese when the system language is set to a region locale such as zh-TW
FIXED Prevent potential crash on app termination

Typeface v3.11.2 December 19th, 2023

IMPROVED Changed Finnish pangram preset
IMPROVED Added additional names for variable axes defined by Google Fonts
FIXED Prevent potential crash when activating or deactivating fonts that are not available anymore

Typeface v3.11.1 November 19th, 2023

FIXED Prevent crash on older macOS versions < macOS 12 on Apple Silicon

Typeface v3.11 November 17th, 2023


Change Main Previews

When grouping fonts by family Typeface automatically displays the font that is closest to regular. This is done based on font meta data. In most cases you’ll see the regular font instead of a bold or italic variant, but for some families the meta data may be incorrect or the perfect pick may be ambiguous.

Now you can adjust this by manually picking the main preview of a family, such that you’ll always see the font you want to see. This is particularly helpful for font families that have symbolic or swash variants which may’ve been picked instead of a regular variant.

To change a main preview:

  1. Right click (or Control click) on a font
  2. Choose the Family submenu
  3. Click on Change Main Preview (or hold down the Option key)

Alternatively choose File > Edit Families from the main menu and click on a main preview icon to adjust the main preview of a family.

NEW Change family main previews
NEW Activate, deactivate, filter and remove multiple tags in the sidebar using the context menu
IMPROVED Highlight targeted tags when showing the tags context menu in the sidebar
IMPROVED Auto size characters and feature previews
IMPROVED Show a badge when an update is available and app is running in the background
IMPROVED Go to specific detail page from font context menu: Info / Features / Variables
IMPROVED Set better defaults for new app installs: auto size, collapse families and dynamic previews
IMPROVED Calculate more accurate tracking when showing dynamic previews
IMPROVED Pick more varied dynamic preview content for non-latin fonts
IMPROVED Mark the current named instance in variable instances dropdown
IMPROVED Increased performance when removing a location with many imported fonts
FIXED Show correct tag in sidebar when dragging fonts and repeatedly toggling the Option key
FIXED Show non-inverted tag in sidebar when dragging fonts to inverted tag
FIXED Highlight selected subtags when expanding a parent tag
FIXED Allow selecting a single tag from multiple selected tags
FIXED Prevent glitchy animation when switching between adding and removing icons in sidebar
FIXED Keep selected tags when selecting another tag that is scrolled out of view
FIXED Target all family members when selecting a partial family and Group by Family is enabled
FIXED Properly render color fonts in Features tab
FIXED Prevent crash when loading corrupt font downloaded from cloud storage
FIXED Prevent crash when removing font that has already been removed in the background
FIXED Correctly preview Noto Nastaliq Urdu
FIXED Dehighlight Quick Collection icon in toolbar when viewing font details
FIXED Allow characters to overlap when printing and font smoothing is enabled
FIXED Prevent crash when exiting font details while scrolling
FIXED Highlight toolbar buttons when using long press actions
FIXED Clipped Family Editor input field on macOS Catalina

Typeface v3.10.2 October 6th, 2023

IMPROVED Reduce animations when Reduce Motion is enabled in macOS Settings
IMPROVED Show warning message when trying to view a missing location in Finder
IMPROVED Notify when Early Pro extension is available and app is launched in background mode
IMPROVED Allow importing locked license files
IMPROVED Updated Czech translations
FIXED Correctly adjust theme when macOS appearance switches automatically
FIXED Prevent downloading online-only fonts from iCloud or other cloud storage on macOS Sonoma
FIXED Dim color of font count icon in context menu on macOS Sonoma
FIXED Force background on alert lists to improve visibility on macOS Sonoma
FIXED Keep keyboard shortcuts active when quickly entering and exiting font details
FIXED Reduce memory usage when repeatedly viewing and exiting font details
FIXED Switch to foreground when launching in background mode and the app needs attention
FIXED Allow relinking locations if they’re unexpectedly inaccessible
FIXED Try to read glyph names of fonts that include names with an unexpected string encoding
FIXED Adjust appearance of license panel when theme changes
FIXED Avoid crash when downloading Google fonts in folder with unexpected encoding

Typeface v3.10.1 September 7th, 2023

FIXED Correctly restore all previous purchases on Mac App Store

Typeface v3.10 September 6th, 2023


Selection Mode

Collecting fonts is great when you’re browsing your library and want to mark candidates for your design. But when managing and categorizing your fonts it’s often easier to just select things.

That’s why Typeface now offers the best of both worlds with a new Selection Mode. When enabled you can select fonts, just like you would in any other app. Double click a font to view details. You can use the arrow keys to scroll through your library and use handy new shortcuts to go in and out of detail view.

The Collect corner is still there and allows you to collect fonts like you’re used to. It puts fonts in the temporary Quick Collection, so you can easily review your marked candidates.

Both selection and Quick Collection work hand in hand to make Typeface more intuitive to browse.

Selection Mode is the default for new installs, but the app keeps the current setting for existing users. You can enable the new Selection Mode in the grid toolbar button or in the app Settings.

NEW Selection Mode: click to select, double click to view font details
NEW Press space to view font details (Selection Mode)
NEW Press enter (return) to Collect selected fonts (Selection Mode)
NEW Double click detail preview to return to overview
NEW Tweaked design of font previews
IMPROVED Decreased grid size a bit to allow for more fonts on screen, particularly for larger font sizes
IMPROVED Better Auto Sizing of fonts to fit the grid
IMPROVED Smarter size fitting for compare preview overlays
IMPROVED Show font file path in info context menu
IMPROVED Show font file path when clicking on folder column in List Styles detail tab
IMPROVED Better visibilty of collected fonts in List Styles detail tab
IMPROVED Improved performance when pressing keyboard shortcuts
IMPROVED Added keyboard scrolling to Info detail tab
IMPROVED Added CommandE keyboard shortcut for editing families of selected fonts
IMPROVED Changed keyboard shortcut for removing fonts to CommandBackspace
IMPROVED Added keyboard shortcuts for increasing and decreasing font size: Command+ and Command-
IMPROVED Added keyboard shortcuts for increasing and decreasing tracking: CommandOption+ and CommandOption-
IMPROVED Rearranged options in Settings
FIXED Position Multi Tag panel at last selected font and make sure it’s visible if the selected fonts are scrolled out of view
FIXED Set correct preview size when the Auto Size option is toggled
FIXED Make Pro detail tabs available when registering Pro license when viewing font details
FIXED Correctly dehighlight tags when dragging fonts to the sidebar and sidebar is still collapsed
FIXED Keep selection state for fonts that are missing
FIXED Prevent visual glitch of selected fonts when quickly scrolling through the overview
FIXED Fully expand detail List Styles on macOS Monterey

Typeface v3.9.2 August 28th, 2023

FIXED Set correct folder import settings for new app installs

Typeface v3.9.1 July 19th, 2023

NEW Added Launch at Login option to Settings (macOS Ventura+)
IMPROVED Hide app on launch if Background mode is enabled and Launch at Login is enabled (macOS Ventura+)
IMPROVED Allow deactivating fonts in free version and after trial has expired
IMPROVED Don’t ask for admin password when clearing macOS font cache
FIXED Resize detail info table column to fit label contents
FIXED Update displayed family name when toggling Group by Family
FIXED Update family count when launching the app and fonts have been added/removed
FIXED Quit app when closing the window and the search field has focus
FIXED Prevent crash when removing a font in the Styles detail tabs
FIXED Prevent crash when removing the currently selected location in the sidebar while viewing font details and the Preview Text filter is enabled

Typeface v3.9 July 4th, 2023


Styles Detail Tabs

Font details are now even more useful with new tabs and handy font info. The separate family view has been integrated into the detail view with a new Preview Styles tab. Now you can more easily access family styles when you click on a font. The style previews can be resized independently of the main previews and can be zoomed in even further than before.

In addition to the Preview Styles tab a brand new List Styles tab has been added. Instead of previews this detail tab shows a meta data list of a font family. It’s a more compact overview of the font files and styles in a family, such that you’ll get finer control over managing your fonts.

And Typeface is now available in Czech 🇨🇿 Many thanks to Ivan Berka for translating. Na zdraví!

NEW Integrated family view into detail view with a new Preview Styles tab
NEW Added List Styles tab — a compact meta data overview of all font styles in a family
NEW Added family action button with tagging and activation actions for all fonts in a family
NEW Show number of glyphs, description and embedding restriction information in Info detail tab
NEW Clickable links in the Info detail tab
NEW Added ‘lineBreak’ option to custom text layouts, options: wrap|clip, default: wrap
NEW Czech localization, translated by Ivan Berka
IMPROVED Info details are selectable to copy them
IMPROVED Scroll position is remembered when switching detail tabs
IMPROVED Main detail preview stays collapsed when switching tabs
IMPROVED Custom preview sizing for Characters detail tab
IMPROVED Custom preview sizing for Preview Styles detail tab
IMPROVED More intuitive font resizing curve — more precision for smaller sizes, faster to increase larger sizes
IMPROVED Allow increased font size in custom text layouts
IMPROVED Display emoji for NotoColorEmoji when using Dynamic preview text
IMPROVED Sort fonts by location in List Styles and Family Editor
IMPROVED Highlight targeted fonts in List Styles and List Previews tabs when using Multi Attach
IMPROVED Added setting to target family fonts in detail view
IMPROVED View > Details submenu with keyboard shortcuts to switch between tabs
IMPROVED Added preferred default detail tab setting
FIXED Print panel localization and layout
FIXED Prevent crash when right clicking on a character of FontAwesomev4
FIXED Prevent crash when selecting a range of fonts and some fonts are hidden due to active filters
FIXED Correctly animate content when switching detail tabs
FIXED Prevent previews sliding in when viewing features detail tab
FIXED Prevent detail content moving too far up when scrolling down

Typeface v3.8.2 March 20th, 2023

NEW Import tags from FontExplorer, Suitcase and Font Book
IMPROVED Link online help to support articles
FIXED Restore collapsed tags after relaunching
FIXED Properly render detail previews after resizing window
FIXED Allow moving fonts located in ~/Library/Fonts to Trash
FIXED Try to resend feedback message if sending failed

Typeface v3.8.1 February 15th, 2023

FIXED Correctly update previews when changing variable sliders
FIXED Allow giving access to a font file when it is being trashed from the Font Book source
FIXED Update preview when disabling compare mode in detail view
FIXED Show enabled OpenType features in preview input panel
FIXED Don’t show dashed outlines when metrics and font outlines are enabled
FIXED Render all previews when printing to PDF
FIXED Use correct text colors when printing in dark mode

Typeface v3.8 February 13th, 2023



It’s time for some early spring cleaning!

Typeface 3.8 polishes the user interface in many ways to make everything more consistent and easier on the eyes. No rigorous changes, no worries, just making sure everything is pixel perfect. Contrast has been increased to improve legibility, activation indicators have grown a tad larger and our beloved fox has been tweaked a bit with a new lighting setup.

And for the type nerds: the Features tab now supports Apple Advanced Typography — you can preview and enable all typographic features available in TrueType fonts. Additionally, named instances are now visible for variable fonts. This allows you to snap to and select predefined variations (such as light, regular, bold, narrow, expanded etc.) with the variable sliders.

Finally, speaking of cleaning up, this release drops support for macOS 10.12, 10.13 and 10.14 — Typeface 3.7.2 will remain available for those of you still stuck on the older macOS versions.


NEW Added named instances to variable detail view, click on the value button of a variable axis to preview and change to a different named instance
NEW Added tick marks for named instances to variable sliders
NEW Show TrueType (Apple Advanced Typography) features in Features tab
IMPROVED Increased legibility and contrast for user interface elements, such as font names, buttons, labels etc.
IMPROVED Better performance when rendering Body Text layouts
IMPROVED Reduced application size by 20%
IMPROVED Reduced spacing of detail Info view columns
IMPROVED Reduced spacing of compare bar
IMPROVED Increased size of activation indicators
IMPROVED Prevent cutting off first line of Body Text previews when line height is decreased below 1
IMPROVED Show dashed metric lines, to make them visually different from preview grid borders
IMPROVED Show hover borders when hovering over variable sliders
IMPROVED Make search field icon more visible when filters are currently active
IMPROVED Edited app icons for better color consistency
IMPROVED Allow drag and drop to import license and backup files
IMPROVED Show drop message when dragging files to the sidebar
IMPROVED Show custom names for OpenType Stylistic Sets and Character Variants if available
IMPROVED Added support for non-standard OpenType features
IMPROVED Fixed scrollbar track not showing and prevent showing preview hover states behind scrollbar
IMPROVED Allow hiding overview scroll bar with right click context menu
IMPROVED Added option to restore purchase when purchase validation fails on Mac App Store release
IMPROVED Allow importing hidden folders and packages when file panel import options are adjusted
FIXED Make search field clear button clickable when first entering text
FIXED Correctly position back button when collapsing and expanding the sidebar
FIXED Display descender metric line below baseline
FIXED Show correct absolute line height value for Body Text layouts, which matches the values in design apps
FIXED Double click on variable slider to reset to default value
FIXED Switch theme of detail view loading messages when dark/light theme is changed
FIXED Prevent macOS file access issues when many fonts are activated (2500+)
FIXED Prevent macOS file access issues when importing many individual fonts (2500+)
FIXED Update hover states of activation indicators and collection buttons when scrolling in macOS Ventura

Typeface v3.7.2 November 29th, 2022

IMPROVED Added Font Switch support for Affinity v2 apps
IMPROVED Show ‘Preferences’ instead of ‘Settings’ on macOS versions before macOS 13 Ventura
IMPROVED Updated French localization
FIXED Correctly reactivate font after manual deactivation when using Font Switch
FIXED Prevent crash when font file contains invalid OpenType lookup tables
FIXED Prevent crash when a font applies OpenType substitution that results in an empty output

Typeface v3.7.1 November 1st, 2022

FIXED Renamed ‘Preferences’ to ‘Settings’, which is the new default in macOS Ventura
FIXED Supplemental system fonts are protected in macOS Ventura, they cannot be deactivated
FIXED Prevent warning when opening a new document in InDesign
FIXED Correctly launch app when no license is available yet
FIXED Prevent potential crash when clicking outside of duplicates table
FIXED Make Settings window more legible in dark mode
FIXED Continue to import tags if some of them are invalid

Typeface v3.7 October 18th, 2022

Variable Google Fonts

Variable Google Fonts

Expand your library with new variable fonts from Google Fonts!

This update brings many improvements to the automatically updated Google Fonts catalog. Now you get access to more than 250 variable font families synced to your Mac. With fonts offering various parametric variable axes the creative possibilities are almost limitless. And the fonts are automatically categorised with style tags.

Downloading variable fonts is optional — you can pick between preferring static, variable or all fonts. And you can choose where to store the Google Fonts library on your Mac. If you’ve already imported the Google Fonts library you can right click on the location in the sidebar and change your preferred download format in the ‘Sync Options’ submenu.

Typeface can import fonts from any location, including external disks. If you keep your fonts on an external disk you may have noticed that the app automatically removes the location when the disk is disconnected and the fonts cannot be accessed. This has been improved such that missing locations stay imported, so you don’t have to import them again when they become available.

And last but not least: Typeface is now available in French 🇫🇷 très bien! Big thanks to Nicolas for translating. Enjoy!

NEW Variable fonts support for Google Fonts
NEW Choose where to store synced Google Fonts library
NEW Add #style classification tags to Google Fonts
NEW Added Variable Axes to Info context menu
NEW Added French localization, translated by Nicolas Bergeret
NEW Filter fonts by language support, using the new 文A button in the filter panel
NEW Keep missing locations and their fonts imported, even if ‘Remove Missing Fonts’ setting is enabled. This allows the app to reconnect later when an external disk is disconnected
NEW Manually relink imported locations if they’re missing and can’t be recovered automatically
NEW Added support for Auto Activation & Font Switch in Adobe InCopy
IMPROVED Resume download of Google Fonts when some fonts have failed
IMPROVED Allow reimporting and syncing a previously synced Google Fonts folder
IMPROVED Update properties of synced fonts when they’re updated
IMPROVED Display more descriptive variable axes names
IMPROVED Display font variant names in Family and Variations context submenus
IMPROVED Prefer variable and color fonts over regular fonts when displaying fonts and when extracting duplicates
IMPROVED Suggest family split when family contains both variable and static fonts
IMPROVED Indicate variable fonts in Duplicates panel
IMPROVED Pick preferred font containers when skipping duplicates on import
IMPROVED Show glyph name in context menu of detail characters tab
IMPROVED Improve guidance to open the correct folder when importing Adobe fonts or supplemental system fonts
IMPROVED Moved ‘Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs’ to language filters and renamed to ‘Preview Text’
IMPROVED Simplified theme selection in Settings
IMPROVED Smaller app update packages
IMPROVED View font details in Info › Font Container context submenu
IMPROVED Show an error message when importing a folder fails
IMPROVED Added support for reduced motion accessibility setting
IMPROVED Reduced timeout when InDesign auto activation fails
IMPROVED Updated Unicode character names
FIXED Don’t show an error message when refreshing a location that has been renamed
FIXED Prevent crash when trying to trash system fonts while debug logging is enabled
FIXED Correctly align Quick Collection button in toolbar
FIXED Prevent suggesting family merges with empty names
FIXED Correctly mark duplicates for removal when auto selecting by location
FIXED Open last location when browsing for backup or license file
FIXED Show warning message when app detects newer database format
FIXED Update File › Import menu when imports change

Typeface v3.6 June 8th, 2022


Family Editor

Don’t you hate it when you’re neatly organising your font library only to discover that some fonts are not properly grouped into the correct family? Separate font variants (regular/bold/italic) may each show up as separate families. Or maybe you have multiple foundry versions of the same typeface, and you need to be able to choose which specific family to activate.

The all new Family Editor allows you to fix all these family problems! You can dive in there and batch adjust the family of each individual font. Or use the smart suggestions feature to quickly apply automatically suggested family merges and splits.

Note: the font files that contain the actual family information are not touched. That means that family changes are only visible in Typeface, not in other apps.

But that’s certainly not all: there are multiple improvements to the Duplicates Finder, including the ability to select duplicates by folder. And Typeface is now fully translated to German by Karsten Müller 🇩🇪 Viel Spaß!

NEW Family Editor — Merge and split font families
NEW Added right click family context submenu, which allows you to edit a family and view all current family members
NEW Added File > Manage Families, to manage all font families in your library
NEW View and apply automatic family split and merge suggestions, based on your currently imported font locations
NEW Added German localization
NEW Select duplicates by imported location in the Duplicates panel
NEW Right click on a path component in the Duplicates panel to automatically select duplicates by subfolder
NEW Double click on a duplicate header to auto select duplicates for that particular name only
NEW Added Typeface backup file extension, open directly from Finder
NEW Backup and restore modified families
IMPROVED Added keyboard navigation in Duplicates Finder
IMPROVED Double click or Command-click to select a duplicate for removal in Duplicate Finder
IMPROVED Show font file location relative to imported location when clicking on the location tag in Duplicates Finder (hold down Option to show full path)
IMPROVED Double click on a subfolder in the Duplicates panel to reveal that subfolder in Finder
IMPROVED Show full path for fonts located in special macOS CloudStorage folder used by cloud syncing apps
IMPROVED Headers in context menus are bolder to make them visually different from unavailable menu items
IMPROVED Reduced memory usage for Intro and In-App Purchase panels
IMPROVED Show characters from Unicode supplementary private use area (0xF0000+)
IMPROVED Show permanent Typeface menu item in window menu to reopen main window when closed
FIXED Prevent crash when removing an already removed tag from the Multi Attach panel
FIXED Don’t automatically try to select a tag if it’s not available yet after renaming in the sidebar
FIXED Prevent crash when inspecting OpenType features for font with corrupt ligature table
FIXED Allow reverting preferred font activation setting back to ‘persistent’ when using legacy Typeface 2 license
FIXED Correctly handle license registration when trying to register the currently registered license
FIXED Prevent crash when multiple exact duplicates are found for the same PostScript name
FIXED Retina rendering of icons when switching from non-retina to retina screen

Typeface v3.5.2 March 7th, 2022

Fox managed to discover some bugs. Needless to say, these bugs are no more.

IMPROVED Allow dropping fonts/folders on entire sidebar to import them
IMPROVED Added titlebar icon when Pro extension or upgrade is available
IMPROVED Suggest to update an outdated app when the app data is stored in a newer format which isn’t supported yet
IMPROVED Show Pro updates info in license view
IMPROVED Allow aborting importing a tag backup
FIXED Allow purchasing Pro again when purchase was previously canceled on Mac App Store
FIXED Prevent flickering of sidebar icons when dragging over them
FIXED Focus on last used window when clicking on the app icon, instead of the main window
FIXED Scroll to correct grid position with type to scroll when Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs and Group Families is enabled
FIXED Allow viewing, renaming and deleting tags that end with a ‘#’
FIXED Don’t view details on double click when Click to View Details is enabled
FIXED Prevent crash when disabling fonts that are not available anymore
FIXED Prevent crash when importing a corrupt license file
FIXED Prevent crash when launching on macOS 10.12/10.13

Typeface v3.5 December 20th, 2021


Lots of small improvements in this update to make certain features easier to discover for new users and advanced options quicker to access for veterans.

You can now press & hold on many buttons to get access to context menus. This works for all toolbar buttons, sidebar headers, activation indicators, collected fonts and OpenType filters. Furthermore the search field has been improved, you can type to scroll to a specific font in the grid and you can customize the toolbar drop action. Try them out to improve your workflow — enjoy!

NEW Type to scroll to fonts starting with a specific prefix. For example type ‘he’ to jump to Helvetica
NEW Added grid toolbar button for convenient access to some grid options
NEW Press & hold toolbar buttons to get a menu of options
NEW Press & hold the activation icon to get activation options for a font
NEW Press & hold the Quick Collect icon of collected fonts to quickly access tagging, activation and clearing options
NEW Show context menus when clicking on sidebar header icons
NEW Add a tag to the search filters from the sidebar context menu
NEW Added Refresh All option to refresh all imported locations when clicking on imported locations icon in sidebar
NEW Customize drop action when dragging fonts to the toolbar. Right click on the toolbar to choose a different option. Multi Attach is the default option.
IMPROVED Added new import submenu, with options for Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts, Font Book and Supplemental System Fonts
IMPROVED More uniform sidebar icons, new icons for Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts, improved toolbar icons
IMPROVED Allow click and hold for buttons showing context menus
IMPROVED Enable double click to view details by default when using Click to Collect
IMPROVED Ask for confirmation when trying to activate more than 50 fonts at once
IMPROVED Added Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs to advanced filter menu. Search field will show a highlighted icon when the filter is active
IMPROVED Show information on how to filter tags when the search field is in focus
IMPROVED Press Option to add an inverted tag suggestion to the filters when searching
IMPROVED Filter tags by typing a : in the search field (same behavior as #)
IMPROVED Automatically expand search field when search terms are overflowing the field
IMPROVED Clear collected fonts while dragging by holding down OptionShift keys instead of just Shift which may have been confusing
IMPROVED Changed visuals of dragging image when holding down OptionShift to clear collected fonts
IMPROVED Improved performance of copying paths of multiple fonts
IMPROVED Show System, Untagged and Font Book by default in sidebar, can be hidden
IMPROVED Show information about app communication permissions when using Font Switch for the first time
FIXED Don’t launch Typeface when InDesign Auto Activator has been enabled and Typeface has been closed
FIXED Briefly highlight previews when attaching or detaching a tag
FIXED Prevent crash when showing OpenType features of font with incorrect GSUB lookup records
FIXED Don’t allow new lines when creating tags
FIXED Select inserted text when pressing CommandShift/CommandShift when searching
FIXED Prevent selecting tag suggestions under the current mouse position when searching tags
FIXED Correctly scroll previews when resizing previews to smallest size
FIXED Don’t show preview border when clicking on the activation indicator and Click to Collect is enabled
FIXED Prevent highlighting Quick Collection icon when removing fonts from the Collection in certain occasions
FIXED Correctly align Quick Collection count when highlighting
FIXED Prevent crash when removing PostScript Type 1 fonts with unexpected file type codes

Typeface v3.4.1 November 9th, 2021

Enjoying Font Switch? Well, fox was so excited about this new feature he auto activated fonts for himself. That’s not supposed to happen, so fox is in the naughty corner for a bit to prevent that bad behavior.

FIXED Correctly switch fonts in external apps when auto activation is enabled

Typeface v3.4 November 8th, 2021


Font Switch

Say goodbye to those finicky font pickers. Typeface 3.4 allows you to directly switch fonts in design apps by dragging and dropping fonts. Select some text in your design document and drag a preview from Typeface onto the document.

Typeface handles activation if necessary and changes the font of your selected text. All automated-so you don’t have to struggle with font names anymore and can spend more time being creative.

Learn more

NEW Font Switch — change fonts in design apps directly from Typeface
IMPROVED Show count in right click context menu when targeting multiple collected fonts
IMPROVED Allow clearing collected fonts in right click context menu
IMPROVED Hold down Shift while dragging to clear collected fonts
IMPROVED Added support for Unicode 14 characters
FIXED Naturally order imported locations in sidebar
FIXED Don’t show hovering animations when dragging fonts
FIXED Prevent crash when rapidly removing fonts from Quick Collection
FIXED Avoid unintentionally ignoring new Google fonts on sync

Typeface v3.3.1 September 16th, 2021

If you’ve downloaded Typeface from the Mac App Store and are running the app in the background, you might have noticed that the app could not verify your purchase occasionally. Turns out the Mac App Store updates the app in the background while the app is running. When this happens the version on disk is a newer version than the one running. Since one of the checks described by Apple’s guidelines is to verify that these versions match, this did cause a purchase verification failure. A quick restart of the app would make sure you’re running the latest version and both versions would match again such that your purchase could be verified.

This bug has been reported to Apple, but luckily this has also been fixed now in 3.3.1 and the app continues to run even if a newer version is already waiting for you in the background.

Some previous updates may have disabled Auto Activation as well. This has been improved in 3.3.1 and shouldn’t happen anymore.

In short: smoother updates from now on :)

IMPROVED Select correct tag(s) after renaming or removing a tag
FIXED Prevent disabling auto activation after update
FIXED Prevent purchase verification failure when app is updated by Mac App Store while running in the background
FIXED Ensure legacy Mac App Store VPP purchases are valid

Typeface v3.3 September 7th, 2021


Reconnect external locations

For those of you that import fonts from an external location Typeface can now keep your locations and fonts imported even if the external location is disconnected. When you’ve imported fonts from a shared server and you’re on the go the fonts will not be accessible anymore. These missing fonts are normally removed automatically, but if you disable Settings > Library > Remove Missing Fonts the fonts stay imported. Whenever the location is available again the fonts are reconnected and ready to be previewed right away.

And lots of other goodies to play with in this update. Use the new display toggles in the preview input modal to change preview settings such as alignment, font smoothing, outlines and more. A new underline display option has been added to preview something that needs some extra emphasis and protected system fonts are now recognizable by a small lock icon.

Have fun :)

NEW Optionally keep inaccessible fonts imported, such that they can be restored when accessible again. Useful when importing fonts from external locations. Disabled by default, enable in Settings > Library
NEW Added underline preview display option
NEW Added display buttons to preview input modal to quickly toggle preview display options
IMPROVED Allow manual refreshing of Font Book location in sidebar
IMPROVED Add menu actions and keyboard shortcuts to traverse tags in the sidebar
IMPROVED Allow interacting with unloaded fonts
IMPROVED Indicate protected system fonts by a locked activation icon
IMPROVED Don’t change size slider to tracking when pressing the Option key on other windows
IMPROVED Replaced #quick-collection by #typeface/user as default suggestion for search field
IMPROVED Set cursor at the end of the input field when renaming tags
IMPROVED Added setting to automatically check for updates
IMPROVED Smaller update package for quicker updates
FIXED Keep menu items enabled when dismissing the search field by clicking on the window title
FIXED Prevent crash when moving an inaccessible activated font to Trash
FIXED Restore interaction with reused preview cells if previous cells were missing
FIXED Reveal previews when every font in a tag is missing
FIXED Correctly position preview text input modal on small window sizes
FIXED Prevent Quick Collection and Activation hover changes when preview text input modal is visible
FIXED Prevent creating tags with a leading ‘#’

Typeface v3.2.2 August 19th, 2021


Typeface is nu beschikbaar in het Nederlands!

That didn’t make sense? It means that Typeface has been translated and is now available in Dutch. If your macOS system language is set to Dutch Typeface will be localized accordingly.

Since the app is now fully localizable it’s ready for other languages as well. Want to help with translating Typeface? Contact support for more information.

In addition to these new fancy Dutch words Typeface 3.2.2 contains some nice improvements and fixes. Including a much requested feature to prefer certain font formats when Import Duplicates is turned off.

When this setting is disabled the app will skip importing a font if another font with the same name is already imported. Previously the app would pick the first font it found, which could be any format. Now it sorts new font based on format preference and picks the best one available: OTF fonts are preferred the most. If that’s not available TTFs are picked, followed by WOFF web fonts. And if there is nothing else older PostScript Type 1 fonts are imported.

Note that this only happens for entirely new imports. Already imported fonts are always preferred, in order to preserve all their tags. So if you have a WOFF font imported and later add a TTF variant, the WOFF one will stay imported.

Veel plezier!

NEW Added Dutch translations
IMPROVED Prefer desktop font formats when skipping duplicates on import. Existing imports are not affected. OTF > TTF > WOFF > PS1
IMPROVED Added location item to info context menu
IMPROVED Deactivate fonts before moving them to Trash
IMPROVED Show font container paths only once in Show in Finder context menu item tooltip
IMPROVED Show message when using standalone license on Mac App Store version
IMPROVED Show warning when getting Mac App Store license fails
IMPROVED Show warning when moving fonts to Trash fails
FIXED Prevent potential crash when closing the app
FIXED Correctly deactivate supplementary system fonts when resolving a conflict
FIXED Unlock Pro features when purchasing on Mac App Store after first purchase failed

Typeface v3.2.1 July 24th, 2021

Fixed a few bugs introduced in Typeface v3.2. These happened only very occasionally, so if you’ve already updated you probably haven’t even noticed them :)

FIXED Prevent potential crash when migrating font data to v3.2
FIXED Prevent crash when showing dynamic preview of font without proper glyph candidates

Typeface v3.2 July 19th, 2021


Clean up your library and get rid of needless copies. Choose File > Find Duplicates… from the main menu to open the brand new Duplicates panel.

This panel allows you to find all duplicate fonts and optionally remove them from your Mac. Typeface can auto select duplicates for removal based on format preference, so you don’t have to go through all of them manually.

Learn more about this new feature in the Finding and Removing Duplicates article.

NEW Find and remove duplicate fonts.
IMPROVED Reorganized main menu, moved items from Edit to Font menu
IMPROVED Prioritize desktop formats when activating duplicate fonts (OTF > TTF > WOFF > PS1)
IMPROVED Show preferred desktop formats first when there are duplicate fonts
IMPROVED Improved performance of deactivating supplemental system fonts
IMPROVED Display separate ‘WOFF’ kind for WOFF fonts
FIXED Show all open windows in the Window main menu
FIXED Allow activating deactivated system container fonts, such as Al Bayan.
FIXED Show Back button arrow when app is inactive

Typeface v3.1 June 7th, 2021

Apple Silicon

Got one of those shiny new M1 Macs?

Typeface now has native support for Apple Silicon! Even though the app already ran perfectly on Rosetta, going native makes everything just a tad bit faster. So I hope you’ll enjoy even better performance and efficiency on your M1 Mac!

Also managed to fix some bugs and added some quality-of-live improvements, even if you’re still on an Intel Mac :)

NEW Native support for Apple Silicon
IMPROVED Allow activating and deactivating the Manual tag in the sidebar
IMPROVED (De)Activating tags in the sidebar will now target fonts from subtags as well
IMPROVED Show alert when importing/exporting a tag backup file fails
IMPROVED Start Auto Activation sooner at launch
IMPROVED More robust file descriptor limit increase
IMPROVED Slightly increased size of app icon
IMPROVED Added support links to Introduction screen
FIXED Spacing between Preference toolbar icons on Big Sur
FIXED Background shadow for search suggestions panel on Big Sur
FIXED Correctly handle advanced contextual OpenType features, prevents crash for ‘Libre Barcode EAN13 Text’ font
FIXED Prevent conflict alerts on InDesign Auto Activation requests
FIXED Prevent app freezes on System Auto Activation requests
FIXED Correctly disable Auto Activators when necessary
FIXED Properly position back button and window title on macOS Sierra/High Sierra
FIXED Prevent scrollbar when showing IAP window and scrollbars are always visible
FIXED Allow launching Support Tools when database cannot be opened

Typeface v3.0.1 May 4th, 2021

Polishing up that big fat 3.0.0 release :)

FIXED Correctly sync imported locations when the case of its path has changed
FIXED Typo in Settings — Improted is not a word
FIXED Prevent crash when previewing variable font that has a variable without a range
FIXED Rename tags that start with a leading ! that’s not allowed anymore!
FIXED Correctly show Google sync state in Settings
FIXED Improved recognition of current macOS theme when it’s set to auto switch
FIXED Make sure in-app purchase window and feedback window use app theme
FIXED Prevent clipping of ‘Purchase’ button on Mac App Store license view

Typeface v3.0 April 21st, 2021

A Love Letter to Typography

Proudly presenting the biggest update ever: vastly improved internals, awesome performance and great new features!

Some features require Typeface Pro (single in-app purchase). You’ll get a personal discount offer inside the app to upgrade.


NEW Added secondary action indicator in the bottom-right corner of a preview.
NEW Default click action can be changed by adjusting the Default Action setting. Choose between Click-to-collect a font or Click-to-view-details. The secondary action indicator will adjust accordingly. Previously known as ‘Collection Priority Mode’. Command-click for Click-to-collect is not available anymore, it stays available for Click-to-view-details
NEW Added separate setting for targeting fonts. Dragging and right click will now target collected fonts by default
IMPROVED Tweaked app colors, improved legibility of font names and activation bullet
IMPROVED Increased hover area for activation bullet
IMPROVED Added down states to activation bullet
IMPROVED Collecting fonts now gives immediate visual feedback by showing the outline. Very large font collections have a delay between clicking and actually collecting
IMPROVED Highlight targeted fonts on right click
IMPROVED Adjusted down states for regular buttons

Text Layouts

NEW Added new ‘Text’ detail page to preview body text
NEW Multiple templates to preview how a font looks in different layouts: book, columns, magazine, quote
NEW On trackpads pinch to adjust font size, Option-pinch to adjust tracking
NEW Drag mouse horizontally to adjust font size, drag vertically to adjust tracking
NEW Click the info button to view text properties for the given text block
NEW Create custom layout templates, see … button in the layout switcher
NEW Layout templates are simple text files that contain multiple blocks of text properties and text content, see ‘Custom.txt’ for details

OpenType features

NEW Added ‘Typography’ main menu item which allows you to enable/disable OpenType features for all previews. Including Ligatures, Oldstyle/Tabular Figures, Superiors, Alternates, Fractions, Kerning and more
NEW Inspect OpenType feature support on the new ‘Features’ detail page
NEW Get a detailed overview of the individual glyphs included in each OpenType feature (GSUB table) supported by a font
NEW Hover over each feature to get a live preview. Includes A/B Compare support to reveal the differences
NEW Show advanced input, output and context (backtrack + lookahead) glyph rules for each glyph substitution in the right click context menu
NEW Copy the input characters necessary to use a certain feature in the right click context menu

Some features are not supported on macOS 10.12 — salt ornm rand titl fwid qwid vkna nalt jalt

Variable Fonts

NEW Added new ‘Variables’ detail page for variable fonts
NEW Get a live preview by hovering over each variable slider
NEW Small previews indicate how each variable behaves
NEW Confirm variables by dragging/clicking on the sliders
NEW Automatic Optical Size (opsz) adjustment when available
NEW Copy variables to CSS output
NEW Double click on a header to reset
NEW Compare variable changes to default by enabling A/B Compare
FIXED Correctly paint missing glyphs in variable font previews

For variable font examples check v-fonts.com

Quick Attach

NEW Quickly add or remove multiple tags to/from fonts
NEW Summon the panel on trackpads by tapping with three fingers, or using Force Touch
NEW Choose Tags > Attach… from the context menu or Edit > Tags > Attach… from the main menu (CommandT)
NEW Or drag fonts to the toolbar at the top of the window
NEW Type to search tags
NEW Press Return to attach the highlighted tag or confirm your tags
NEW Press Tab to toggle the highlighted tag
NEW Press Escape to cancel the adjustments
NEW Click a tag to toggle
NEW Click outside to confirm your tags


NEW Completely renewed and more robust file management core: faster synchronization, better import logic
NEW Show fonts imported from Font Book in the sidebar with a custom tag. Settings > Library > Font Book
NEW Remove fonts imported from Font Book
NEW Import individual font files directly into the app. New Manual Imports tag in sidebar
NEW Drag and drop folders or files to tags in the sidebar from Finder
NEW Move fonts directly to trash from inside the app. Right click > Move Font to Trash
NEW Remove imported fonts from the app, will be reimported if located in an imported directory. Right click > hold down Option > Remove Font from Typeface)
NEW Show loading progress when importing new fonts. Including very accurate status messages
NEW Fonts moved outside of imported directories are now considered missing (removed from Typeface)
IMPROVED Allow moving Google fonts to a custom location on your Mac
IMPROVED Don’t wait for background sync when removing imported location from sidebar
IMPROVED Prevent Typeface from repeatedly asking to connect to unavailable remote location
IMPROVED Renamed Adobe Fonts directory in sidebar to ‘Adobe’
IMPROVED Support getting font traits from fonts using OS/2 version 5
IMPROVED Added support for .mrf file extension
IMPROVED Support localized font names (useful for Japanese/Chinese fonts)
IMPROVED Enable and disable external import locations in Settings > Library
IMPROVED Better performance when removing an imported location
IMPROVED More robust loading of fonts


NEW Completely renewed Activation core: much faster activations
NEW Temporarily activate fonts, which will be deactivated automatically when you close the app or restart your Mac. Right click > hold down Option > Activate Temporarily
NEW Allow setting Temporary activations as default. Settings > Activation > Prefer Temporary Activations
NEW Activate or Deactivate tags. Right click on tag > Activate/Deactivate
NEW Added deactivation context menu option if the current selection contains both activated and deactivated fonts
NEW Allow disabling of fonts located in the macOS font directories, such that they stay deactivated. /Library/Fonts, ~/Library/Fonts, /System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental
NEW Clear all Temporarily activated fonts. Right click on #Temp Activated tag > Clear Temp Activated
IMPROVED Better messaging when conflicts are discovered or fonts cannot be activated


NEW Added filter for x-height
NEW Added filters for number styles. Old Style/Lining/Proportional/Tabular, recognizes both default style for all fonts and optional style for Open Type fonts
NEW Added filters for layout features. Ligatures/Alternates/Small caps/Fractions/Ordinals, right click for even more advanced filter options
NEW Added filters for special fonts. Variable/Color/Bitmap
NEW Added advanced filters. Layout feature support/Glyph outline type
NEW Optionally search for Manufacturer/Designer. Enable: Filters > … > Search > Manufacturer/Designer
IMPROVED Allow diacritic insensitive search for font names


NEW Order fonts by import date. Enable View > Grid > Order by Import Date
NEW Show fonts in single column. Enable View > Grid > Show List
NEW Customize library tags in sidebar/ Right click on All tag > turn on/off tags, including system/deactivated/untagged and more
NEW Show inverted tag from context menu. Right click on tag > Show Not Tag
NEW Support for WOFF & WOFF2 file formats, including new advanced filter
NEW Info context submenu contains info about a font, click an item to copy to clipboard
NEW Go to font details by choosing Info > Details
IMPROVED Locale-aware sorting of tags (special characters), correct sorting for numbers (#10 comes after #9)
IMPROVED Drastically improved performance of select/deselect all
IMPROVED Drastically improved performance of context menu for many fonts
IMPROVED Drastically improved performance of dragging many fonts
IMPROVED Added tooltip for font path in context menu
IMPROVED Added debug log launch option
IMPROVED Toggle lock/unlock the size of a preview on the detail page when scrolling by clicking on the preview
IMPROVED Back button background in full screen
IMPROVED Drag and drop fonts/directories directly to the sidebar in between other locations or on the (+) without specifying a tag
IMPROVED Changing tracking value now keeps kerning value when possible
IMPROVED Realigned buttons in Compare toolbar
IMPROVED Changed size of headers around the app
IMPROVED Renamed/rearranged some OpenType filters in the search panel to make them consistent with Typography menu
IMPROVED Changed visuals of sliders
IMPROVED Adjusted View menu options to clarify their actions
IMPROVED More robust window height constraints when content exceeds screen size in detail view
IMPROVED Keep sidebar open while creating a new tag on drag and drop
IMPROVED Removed previously attached tag from context menu, replaced by Quick Attach
IMPROVED Allow confirming deletion confirmation popovers by pressing Return
IMPROVED Tweaked tag fuzzy search algorithm to give full matches a higher weight
IMPROVED Increased speed of grouping large font lists by family
IMPROVED Handle attaching/detaching tags in the background to give a smoother experience when displaying 50k+ fonts
IMPROVED Reworked context menu, now allows comparing when targeting multiple collected fonts (will compare clicked font)
IMPROVED Generalized license view
IMPROVED New Big Sur app icon
IMPROVED New empty/loading message icon
IMPROVED Show error message when feedback message cannot be sent
IMPROVED Improved copy when app isn’t able to launch
IMPROVED Improved copy of compare dropdown menu
IMPROVED Removed Quick Collection item from context menu
FIXED Incorrect animation when removing an imported location from the sidebar
FIXED Incorrect animation when showing font details if dynamic font names are previewed and fonts are grouped by family
FIXED Print font names when dynamic preview option is enabled
FIXED Don’t show remember preview option if that option is already remembered
FIXED Back button vertical alignment
FIXED Slow printing to PDF when macOS dark mode is enabled
FIXED Set correct text color for collection count in toolbar when switching theme
FIXED Prevent three-finger-taps from freezing the application
FIXED Prevent (renamed) #typeface/temp-active tag from importing on tag restore
FIXED Prevent creating tags with a leading !
FIXED Allow drag and drop fonts/folders on icon when current tag is empty

Typeface 3 drops support for macOS 10.11 El Capitan.

Typeface v2.7 September 8th, 2020

For Sur

Tweaks and fixes for macOS Big Sur!

IMPROVED Added support for woff/woff2 fonts (macOS 10.12+)
IMPROVED Create necessary script directory if not created automatically when enabling Auto Activation (on Big Sur)
FIXED Fixed toolbar button spacing on macOS Big Sur
FIXED Fixed back button icon on macOS Big Sur
FIXED Fixed full screen title bar background on macOS Big Sur

Typeface v2.6.4 January 3rd, 2020

This update contains the following improvements:

IMPROVED Show alert when app cannot launch due to incorrect macOS permissions or no free disk space
IMPROVED Import PostScript Type 1 fonts with tt/t1 extensions
IMPROVED Correctly apply theme after trial has expired
FIXED Don’t attach activation tag to deactivated fonts when restoring a backup
FIXED Prevent feedback reporter crash on El Capitan

Typeface v2.6.3 December 2nd, 2019

In this update some pesky bugs have been fixed, so you can keep on browsing comfortably in Typeface during the upcoming winter nights (or summer days, yeh mates!). Thanks for the reports! If you notice any issues, let me know using the (updated) feedback window: Help > Support & Feedback. Cheers!

IMPROVED Simplified feedback reporter window
IMPROVED Issue reports are now handled by in-house backend
FIXED Prevent crash when quickly clicking on preview after it has been removed
FIXED Prevent occasional crash when searching
FIXED Prevent occasional crash when importing new directories
FIXED Prevent occasional crash when adding/removing fonts to/from tags
FIXED Prevent crash when viewing details of a font without characters
FIXED Prevent reveal animation firing twice when switching tags
FIXED Prevent crash when importing new fonts that are not immediately accessible

Typeface v2.6.2 October 30th, 2019

This release fixes an obscure bug in the Mac App Store release. Typeface checks a unique identifier of your Mac to verify that you’ve purchased the app. This is done according to the Apple guidelines and uses code as provided by Apple. Unfortunately that code introduces a bug when you’re listening to audio over AirPlay 2.

That’s right, Apple AirPlay actually causes Typeface - and other Mac App Store apps - to fail purchase verification. This results in the app asking repeatedly for your App Store password to verify your purchase and you won’t be able to launch apps that use this particular Apple code until you stop playing over AirPlay.

You may notice Mac App Store apps suddenly quitting and asking for your Mac App Store password. Or you’ll get a message showing ‘“App name” is damaged and can’t be opened.’ If downloading the app again doesn’t help, make sure you’re not playing audio over AirPlay 2 and contact the developers of those apps to let them know about this issue.

Read more about this strange failure in this article about the receipt validation by Chris Liscio. Typeface app has now been updated as described in that article, so you can happily listen to music again while browsing your font catalog!

IMPROVED Allow installing multi-user licenses on standalone release
FIXED Correctly validate Mac App Store receipt when playing audio using AirPlay 2
FIXED Fixed corrupt (variable) font crash on High Sierra
FIXED Set correct font name for variable fonts
FIXED Fixed preview position when auto size is enabled and detail info panel is visible

Typeface v2.6.1 October 10th, 2019

FIXED Spaces should show up correctly in preview content field

Typeface v2.6 October 7th, 2019


Added macOS Catalina support and dynamic previews, available through the dropdown menu when changing preview text.

NEW Added dynamic preview presets. These presets adjust the preview text per font according to your language settings and the languages supported by a font. Symbolic and decorative fonts and fonts supporting foreign languages will now all preview something useful.
NEW Added ability to collapse all tags by double clicking the tags header in the sidebar
NEW Added troubleshooting options when launching Typeface while pressing the Option key
IMPROVED Added tooltip when searching for long tags and improved truncating
IMPROVED Clicking on sidebar heading keeps detail view open
FIXED Prevent crash when searching for tags having special characters
FIXED Some small visual issues introduced by Catalina have been resolved

Typeface v2.5 June 26th, 2019


NEW Added left/right/center alignment options in the view menu
NEW Introduction has been improved and allows user to set Collection Priority Mode
IMPROVED Enabled right click on status icon when in background mode
IMPROVED Hide app when clicking on the status icon in background mode
IMPROVED Cell height is adjusted according to auto size setting
IMPROVED Tweaked cell height calculation on overview and for print to make it a bit more compact
IMPROVED License view shows multi seats, correct date and supports long names
IMPROVED UTF names and HTML character codes have been updated to support new characters
IMPROVED Mixed activated/deactivated families can now be deactivated by Shift-clicking on the activation icon
FIXED Preview alignment fixed when turning on/off Collapse Families
FIXED Activating a font when showing the Quick Collection no longer shows bright border
FIXED Downloaded system fonts (using Font Book) are now correctly labeled as System fonts

Typeface v2.4 May 24th, 2019


NEW Auto activate fonts in Adobe InDesign (see Settings > Activation)
NEW Search field can be used in detail/family view
NEW The actual character is displayed in the context menu of a character in detail view
NEW Adding a tag is preferred over removing a tag when some fonts have the tag attached
NEW Added clear Quick Collection option on launch in Settings
IMPROVED Easier to confirm/dismiss the search field
IMPROVED Drag&drop performance increased with many tags
IMPROVED Sidebar scrolling performance improved significantly
IMPROVED Hover icons for the activation indicator have been adjusted to make them more clear
IMPROVED Allow removing a tag in the context menu using the Shift key when the tag is attached to some of the targeted fonts
FIXED Fonts with unknown file type will be imported
FIXED The correct sidebar tags will be highlighted when dragging a font while scrolling
FIXED View options are available while searching
FIXED Correctly restore the Quick Collection on launch when set in Settings

Typeface v2.3 January 12th, 2019


NEW Quickly (de)activate a font by clicking the grey/blue activation indicator bullet
NEW Tags are grouped in context menus and the main menu
NEW The last added/removed tag is remembered and can be found on the top of the tag list context menu
NEW Tags can be pinned to the top of the tag context menu (hold Option to pin/unpin)
NEW Remember custom preview text presets
NEW Switch preview text preset in the context menu
IMPROVED Improved background check performance on launch
IMPROVED Added Chinese preview text presets
IMPROVED Added designer, manufacturer and license info on font detail view
IMPROVED Tags with uppercase characters should be sorted correctly
FIXED Search field color in Sierra
FIXED Switching between Info and Characters in detail view should be more performant
FIXED Renamed directories where only the case is changed should not imported duplicated fonts

Typeface v2.2.1 November 22nd, 2018

NEW Added support for .scr fonts
NEW Automatically switch to/from Mojave Dark mode
NEW Show context aware ‘empty’ messages to make it more clear why no previews are visible
IMPROVED Importing large tag exports should be significantly faster
IMPROVED Allow selecting multiple directories when importing
FIXED Hide app icon from dock when launched on login and background mode + ‘hide’ is turned on
FIXED Search field in Mojave should keep input text visible when inactive
FIXED Prevent deleting #!typeface/active tag from detail view
FIXED Prevent focus on search field when app becomes active in background mode
FIXED Prevent unresponsive main menu when app becomes active in background mode
FIXED Prevent crash when font contains zero characters

Typeface v2.2 September 28th, 2018

Collapse Tags

NEW Collapse tags with subtags in the sidebar
NEW Remember the last chosen tab in detail view (can be turned off in Settings)
NEW Remember the last chosen tag when launching the app (can be turned off in Settings)
IMPROVED Imported locations are sorted by name
IMPROVED Reduced visibility of blue outlines for preview cells in the Quick Collection
IMPROVED Searching in very large libraries should be more performant
IMPROVED Moved sidebar group collapse action to context menu instead of double click to make it less sensitive to accidental collapses
IMPROVED Allow directly returning to the Quick Collection from a detail view
FIXED Timeout issues when syncing Google fonts on a slow connection
FIXED Removed occasional quick flash of previews when switching tags
FIXED Immediately render sidebar tag selected state on click
FIXED Greyed-out back button when window is not in focus
FIXED The correct tag should be selected when expanding the sidebar if Typeface was launched with a collapsed sidebar

Typeface v2.1 August 15th, 2018

Google Fonts Catalog

Expand your library with 2000+ free fonts from the Google Fonts catalog. When imported Typeface keeps the fonts up-to-date so you’ll automatically get the latest fonts when they’re added to the catalog.

NEW Added Google Fonts sync. Import them in Settings > Import > Import Google Fonts
NEW Added .bmap extension (requires suit file in same directory)
NEW Copy font path in context menu by holding down Option
IMPROVED Fonts are removed from Typeface when they’re moved to the Trash
IMPROVED Show main window when in background mode and the app is opened again
FIXED Font names should have correct display names instead of PostScript name
FIXED Swipe with two fingers now also works on magic mouse
FIXED Various Mojave fixes, including crashes when dragging fonts
FIXED Crash when location is removed while a font in that location is viewed in detail view

Typeface v2.0.4 May 22nd, 2018

FIXED Manually refreshing locations now correctly imports new fonts
FIXED Prevent crash when viewing license window after trial is expired
FIXED Correctly restore sidebar selected state when expanding with many tags
FIXED Typo when license is registered

Typeface v2.0.3 May 9th, 2018

NEW Prevent Typeface from quitting when closing the window and keep it running in the status bar, enable this setting in Settings
FIXED Allow Control clicking on sidebar items to get the context menu
FIXED Renaming tags to a subtag now works (e.g. #abc -> #abc/def)
FIXED Previously hidden tags due to subtag rename bug are restored
FIXED Prevent font containers (ttc) from deactivating multiple times

Typeface v2.0.2 April 26th, 2018

FIXED Inactive compare option in context menu of single font
FIXED Font table crashes
FIXED Scroll to top when going to tag from Quick Collection
FIXED Scroll to top when searching
FIXED Titlebar fade animation
FIXED Disallow multiple lines in preview text input
FIXED Activation issues when Font Book fonts are disabled

Typeface v2.0 April 18th, 2018

Twice as Nice

Typeface just got a whole lot better! Introducing Typeface 2: Improved font management, more smart features and still a lovely simple UI.


  • Typeface now supports importing directories. Choose File > Import or press CommandO to import a directory or drag and drop a directory from Finder onto Typeface app.
  • Imported directories are automatically synced on each start (new fonts are added, removed fonts are deleted from Typeface).
  • Typeface will automatically import fonts from Font Book on each start.


  • Brand new sidebar with (custom) tags
  • To open/close the sidebar: swipe right/left with two fingers, use the new sidebar button in the toolbar or press Command/
  • The sidebar automatically opens when you drag fonts towards it, so you can keep it closed if you want.
  • Create new tags by using the + button on the sidebar or press CommandN.


  • The tags implementation in Typeface is very flexible: you’re able to create nested tags, combine tags, subtract tags and invert tags.
  • Nest tags: simply add the / character to a tag name to create a nested tag, e.g. “projects/company”. You can nest multiple levels deep.
  • Combine tags: Command click multiple tags in the sidebar to combine.
  • Subtract tags: Use the Search field to narrow down your visible previews. The search field autocompletes tags when you start typing the # character.
  • Invert tags: Option click on a tag in the sidebar to invert it, e.g. ‘Activated’ becomes ‘Deactivated’
  • Typeface will automatically add style tags to imported fonts (script/sans etc.)
  • The previous Quick Collection is automatically restored on start (#saved-quick-collection)


  • The Quick Collection is still here as a ‘persistent’ version of selection.
  • To support a more traditional ‘selection’ workflow, you can toggle the ‘Collection Priority’ mode in Settings.
  • Drag all your collected fonts by holding down Command and drag.
  • Use CommandA / CommandShiftA to collect all / uncollect all.
  • Hold CommandShift and click to collect a range.
  • Use the ‘Edit’ menu to batch apply tags to all your collected previews.


  • You can drag fonts to tags in the Sidebar to attach that tag to the dragged font(s).
  • Hold Option to remove the tag from the dragged font(s).
  • Hold Command to drag all collected fonts in the current view.
  • When dragging the sidebar will automatically highlight already attached tags.
  • When dragging in ‘Collapse Families’ mode, you’ll automatically drag all fonts in the family.
  • If you drag fonts to the ‘Activated’ tag the dragged fonts will be activated (if you hold Option the fonts will be deactivated).


  • Added dedicated search field.
  • Moved preview input to ‘Aa’ button (you can also summon the preview input by pressing CommandL or the Spacebar key).
  • Changed tracking modifier key to Option (previously Command).


  • You can right click a preview to start comparing.
  • Added Quick Collection drop down in compare bar (click blue font name in compare bar to quickly switch between collected fonts).

Font Info

  • On the detail view a new ‘Info’ tab is added, which shows basic font information.
  • Below the table the currently added tags are available, you can click on user tags and remove them. System tags (the second row) cannot be removed.

Auto Activation (experimental)

  • Auto Activation is available for supported apps, you can turn it on in Settings.


Typeface v1.6 October 3rd, 2017

High Sierra

  • Added High Sierra compatibility

Typeface v1.5 October 11th, 2016

Rock and Roll


This update brings you multiple actions that let you organise all your fonts at once:

  • Activation: activate/deactivate all fonts in the current collection
  • Collections: add multiple fonts to an existing collection, the Quick Collection or a brand new collection
  • Clear: remove all the fonts in the current collection in a single sweep

Together with the previous update which introduced quick selecting fonts with Command-click, your typography workflow will be faster than ever: Add the fonts you like to the Quick Collection, switch over to the Quick Collection (new shortcut: Command3), then save as a new collection (CommandShiftN)

Also included in this update:

  • multiple new keyboard shortcuts
  • changed the preview field placeholder to be more intuitive
  • added support for the new CMD-click shortcut in Family view
  • removed click delay when clicking on a source tab while it animates
  • fixed issue when adding fonts to favourites in Sierra
  • fixed issue when adding fonts to Quick Collection in Family view
  • fixed some inconsistencies when deactivating a font in the Quick Collection

Typeface v1.4.5 September 20th, 2016


Typy McTypeface is back with another free update:

  • Support for macOS Sierra!
  • Made preview cells even more compact
  • Added a quick new shortcut to add/remove fonts to the Quick Collection: just Command-click a preview :)
  • Improved visibility of Quick Collection indicator
  • Fixed bug when scrolling with up and down arrow keys during transition

Typeface v1.4 June 24th, 2016

Old School Cool

Print and export to PDF is here! Now you can send your hand-picked font collection to your client, boss and colleagues for review. Or be OldSchoolCool and let your printer turn that beautiful blank white paper into even more beautiful font preview sheets 8-) Speaking of old school… Still have some PostScript Type 1 font suitcase files laying around from back in the day? Yep, from now on Typeface will preview those too.

  • Export your fonts to a beautiful PDF
    • Keep it digital and choose File > Print… > PDF (in lower left-hand corner of the print panel)
    • Or choose to print that sexy typography to paper
    • Support for multiple font overview or single font detail
  • Added support for PostScript Type 1 fonts
  • Added Thai language pangram, ไม่เป็นไร
  • Added option to prevent loading duplicate duplicate fonts fonts (on by default)
  • Decreased minimum preview point size to 8pts
  • Fixed collection dropdown menu position when using a secondary screen
  • Prevent blank previews when you enter a space into the preview input

Typeface v1.3 May 7th, 2016

Not My Style

This update brings some convenient new features to Typeface: Find fonts faster with the all new Font Filters, better browsing with Auto Sizing previews and handy predefined pangrams.

  • Filter fonts by weight, width, slant and style
  • Added magic Auto Size option to make all previews the same size for even better comparing
  • Added common preview options and pangrams
  • Tracking is now always visible in the toolbar - it’s also a toggle to change to the tracking slider
  • Improved legibility of font names
  • Added a secret-but-not-really-hidden review/rating panel with awesome animations
  • Easily remove active filter from the toolbar
  • Improved preview position when adjusting the tracking
  • Control-click now behaves the same as right-click
  • Various theming fixes: loading screen, font titles and indicators
  • Deactivating font collections (.dfont, .ttf) from system tab removes all associated previews
  • Improved minimal fox icon
  • Previews will not be stuck in compare mode after restarting the app

Typeface v1.2.1 March 26th, 2016

Sincerely Yours

  • Added Thanks & Acknowledgements to About window
  • Fixed missing fonts in system tab if font does not contain a family name
  • Fixed launch issue if the Time format in System Preferences was changed by the user

Typeface v1.2 March 23rd, 2016


Your requests have been heard (thanks!) and Typeface delivers with the two most-wanted features: Font activation & persistent settings!

  • Font activation & deactivation (no need to launch FontBook anymore, hurray)
  • Persistent settings across app launches (Don’t know why this wasn’t included before and can’t think of an excuse. Maybe because errrm… the, you know… errrm… Nope got nothing.)
  • Added a User fonts collection, which shows the active fonts not in system locations
  • Fixed font sorting in collections, because a b c d is better than b d c a
  • Fixed dragging app window to a split view space
  • Fixed outline color for missing characters
  • Fixed crash when loading characters of certain formatted fonts

Typeface v1.1.1 February 26th, 2016

Wax on Wax off

A quick maintenance release to polish it all up a bit.

  • Made fox icon a bit more friendly, I swear she’s a good girl!
  • Fixed fuzzy fox icon on retina screens when no fonts are found
  • Fixed incorrectly positioned previews when using Typeface on a non-retina external screen connected to retina MacBook, thanks for reporting :)
  • Improved speed of loading large directories and added a cancel button for the impatient
  • Fixed greyed-out display options icon after loading directories
  • Fixed crash when removing duplicated fonts from collections
  • Fixed crash when loading a directory without permission

Typeface v1.1 February 2nd, 2016

Collectors edition

The first BIG update for Typeface, with awesome new features!

  • Font Book collection integration. That’s right. Font. Book. Collections.
  • A streamlined font selection & review workflow: 1) Browse your catalog and drag candidate fonts you like into the Quick Collection 2) Refine the selection by eliminating fonts 3) Only the best font survives
  • T r a c k i n g support (hold down the Command button on your keyboard and s p a c e your letters like an astronaut)
  • Decreased loading times of System fonts and Directory fonts
  • Improved speed of “Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs” setting
  • Keep scroll position when switching source (System/Directory/Quick Collection)
  • Removed the Glyphs tab as it turned out to be confusing
  • Fixed rendering glitch when quickly changing size after switching source
  • Fixed ‘No fonts found’ theming when in Night mode. Sorry for the blinded eyes
  • Fixed a one-in-a-million stability issue, hurray!
  • Fixed a bug nobody has ever discovered, nor will anyone ever know about 8-)

Typeface v1.0.1 December 17th, 2015

A Quicky

  • Fixed inactive menu items on app start

Typeface v1.0 December 10th, 2015

The Original

  • First version of Typeface!
  • Perfectly rendered previews from installed fonts or fonts in a directory
  • Custom preview text & size that let you view the fonts the way you want
  • List & grid overviews, focused on your collection
  • Revealing all the little differences with font compare
  • Unicode characters support
  • Font glyphs grid
  • Night mode
  • Outlined previews
  • Metrics overlay
  • Standard & discretionary ligatures