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New to Typeface

There and back again. Your journey to font wizardry begins here.

Getting started Setting up your library

Main Topics

A second breakfast. Continue this quest to get the most out of Typeface.

Activation Appearance Importing Keyboard Searching & Filtering Selection Tagging

In-Depth Features

The board is set, the pieces are moving. Become the Lord of the Type.

Body text Duplicate fonts Family editor Font Switch

Quick Tips

Even the smallest font tip can change the course of the future.

Export fonts to PDF Group fonts by family Removing Noto fonts Filter fonts by language Launch Typeface on login PostScript Type 1 fonts Type to scroll Drag to tag Press and hold shortcuts Custom preview presets Migrating to another Mac


End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Problem solving is just another path.

Font activation issues Clearing the macOS font cache Missing fonts & imported locations Backup & Restore Resetting Typeface Registering & Licensing Uninstalling

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