September 28th, 2018 Collapse Tags

Typeface v2.2

NEW Collapse tags with subtags in the sidebar
NEW Remember the last chosen tab in detail view (can be turned off in Settings)
NEW Remember the last chosen tag when launching the app (can be turned off in Settings)
IMPROVED Imported locations are sorted by name
IMPROVED Reduced visibility of blue outlines for preview cells in the Quick Collection
IMPROVED Searching in very large libraries should be more performant
IMPROVED Moved sidebar group collapse action to context menu instead of double click to make it less sensitive to accidental collapses
IMPROVED Allow directly returning to the Quick Collection from a detail view
FIXED Timeout issues when syncing Google fonts on a slow connection
FIXED Removed occasional quick flash of previews when switching tags
FIXED Immediately render sidebar tag selected state on click
FIXED Greyed-out back button when window is not in focus
FIXED The correct tag should be selected when expanding the sidebar if Typeface was launched with a collapsed sidebar