October 30th, 2019

Typeface v2.6.2

This release fixes an obscure bug in the Mac App Store release. Typeface checks a unique identifier of your Mac to verify that you’ve purchased the app. This is done according to the Apple guidelines and uses code as provided by Apple. Unfortunately that code introduces a bug when you’re listening to audio over AirPlay 2.

That’s right, Apple AirPlay actually causes Typeface - and other Mac App Store apps - to fail purchase verification. This results in the app asking repeatedly for your App Store password to verify your purchase and you won’t be able to launch apps that use this particular Apple code until you stop playing over AirPlay.

You may notice Mac App Store apps suddenly quitting and asking for your Mac App Store password. Or you’ll get a message showing ‘“App name” is damaged and can’t be opened.’ If downloading the app again doesn’t help, make sure you’re not playing audio over AirPlay 2 and contact the developers of those apps to let them know about this issue.

Read more about this strange failure in this article about the receipt validation by Chris Liscio. Typeface app has now been updated as described in that article, so you can happily listen to music again while browsing your font catalog!

IMPROVED Allow installing multi-user licenses on standalone release
FIXED Correctly validate Mac App Store receipt when playing audio using AirPlay 2
FIXED Fixed corrupt (variable) font crash on High Sierra
FIXED Set correct font name for variable fonts
FIXED Fixed preview position when auto size is enabled and detail info panel is visible