June 7th, 2021 Apple Silicon

Typeface v3.1

Got one of those shiny new M1 Macs?

Typeface now has native support for Apple Silicon! Even though the app already ran perfectly on Rosetta, going native makes everything just a tad bit faster. So I hope you’ll enjoy even better performance and efficiency on your M1 Mac!

Also managed to fix some bugs and added some quality-of-live improvements, even if you’re still on an Intel Mac :)

NEW Native support for Apple Silicon
IMPROVED Allow activating and deactivating the Manual tag in the sidebar
IMPROVED (De)Activating tags in the sidebar will now target fonts from subtags as well
IMPROVED Show alert when importing/exporting a tag backup file fails
IMPROVED Start Auto Activation sooner at launch
IMPROVED More robust file descriptor limit increase
IMPROVED Slightly increased size of app icon
IMPROVED Added support links to Introduction screen
FIXED Spacing between Preference toolbar icons on Big Sur
FIXED Background shadow for search suggestions panel on Big Sur
FIXED Correctly handle advanced contextual OpenType features, prevents crash for ‘Libre Barcode EAN13 Text’ font
FIXED Prevent conflict alerts on InDesign Auto Activation requests
FIXED Prevent app freezes on System Auto Activation requests
FIXED Correctly disable Auto Activators when necessary
FIXED Properly position back button and window title on macOS Sierra/High Sierra
FIXED Prevent scrollbar when showing IAP window and scrollbars are always visible
FIXED Allow launching Support Tools when database cannot be opened