September 6th, 2023 select

Typeface v3.10

Selection Mode

Collecting fonts is great when you’re browsing your library and want to mark candidates for your design. But when managing and categorizing your fonts it’s often easier to just select things.

That’s why Typeface now offers the best of both worlds with a new Selection Mode. When enabled you can select fonts, just like you would in any other app. Double click a font to view details. You can use the arrow keys to scroll through your library and use handy new shortcuts to go in and out of detail view.

The Collect corner is still there and allows you to collect fonts like you’re used to. It puts fonts in the temporary Quick Collection, so you can easily review your marked candidates.

Both selection and Quick Collection work hand in hand to make Typeface more intuitive to browse.

Selection Mode is the default for new installs, but the app keeps the current setting for existing users. You can enable the new Selection Mode in the grid toolbar button or in the app Settings.

NEW Selection Mode: click to select, double click to view font details
NEW Press space to view font details (Selection Mode)
NEW Press enter (return) to Collect selected fonts (Selection Mode)
NEW Double click detail preview to return to overview
NEW Tweaked design of font previews
IMPROVED Decreased grid size a bit to allow for more fonts on screen, particularly for larger font sizes
IMPROVED Better Auto Sizing of fonts to fit the grid
IMPROVED Smarter size fitting for compare preview overlays
IMPROVED Show font file path in info context menu
IMPROVED Show font file path when clicking on folder column in List Styles detail tab
IMPROVED Better visibilty of collected fonts in List Styles detail tab
IMPROVED Improved performance when pressing keyboard shortcuts
IMPROVED Added keyboard scrolling to Info detail tab
IMPROVED Added CommandE keyboard shortcut for editing families of selected fonts
IMPROVED Changed keyboard shortcut for removing fonts to CommandBackspace
IMPROVED Added keyboard shortcuts for increasing and decreasing font size: Command+ and Command-
IMPROVED Added keyboard shortcuts for increasing and decreasing tracking: CommandOption+ and CommandOption-
IMPROVED Rearranged options in Settings
FIXED Position Multi Tag panel at last selected font and make sure it’s visible if the selected fonts are scrolled out of view
FIXED Set correct preview size when the Auto Size option is toggled
FIXED Make Pro detail tabs available when registering Pro license when viewing font details
FIXED Correctly dehighlight tags when dragging fonts to the sidebar and sidebar is still collapsed
FIXED Keep selection state for fonts that are missing
FIXED Prevent visual glitch of selected fonts when quickly scrolling through the overview
FIXED Fully expand detail List Styles on macOS Monterey