July 4th, 2023 style

Typeface v3.9

Styles Detail Tabs

Font details are now even more useful with new tabs and handy font info. The separate family view has been integrated into the detail view with a new Preview Styles tab. Now you can more easily access family styles when you click on a font. The style previews can be resized independently of the main previews and can be zoomed in even further than before.

In addition to the Preview Styles tab a brand new List Styles tab has been added. Instead of previews this detail tab shows a meta data list of a font family. It’s a more compact overview of the font files and styles in a family, such that you’ll get finer control over managing your fonts.

And Typeface is now available in Czech 🇨🇿 Many thanks to Ivan Berka for translating. Na zdraví!

NEW Integrated family view into detail view with a new Preview Styles tab
NEW Added List Styles tab — a compact meta data overview of all font styles in a family
NEW Added family action button with tagging and activation actions for all fonts in a family
NEW Show number of glyphs, description and embedding restriction information in Info detail tab
NEW Clickable links in the Info detail tab
NEW Added ‘lineBreak’ option to custom text layouts, options: wrap|clip, default: wrap
NEW Czech localization, translated by Ivan Berka
IMPROVED Info details are selectable to copy them
IMPROVED Scroll position is remembered when switching detail tabs
IMPROVED Main detail preview stays collapsed when switching tabs
IMPROVED Custom preview sizing for Characters detail tab
IMPROVED Custom preview sizing for Preview Styles detail tab
IMPROVED More intuitive font resizing curve — more precision for smaller sizes, faster to increase larger sizes
IMPROVED Allow increased font size in custom text layouts
IMPROVED Display emoji for NotoColorEmoji when using Dynamic preview text
IMPROVED Sort fonts by location in List Styles and Family Editor
IMPROVED Highlight targeted fonts in List Styles and List Previews tabs when using Multi Attach
IMPROVED Added setting to target family fonts in detail view
IMPROVED View > Details submenu with keyboard shortcuts to switch between tabs
IMPROVED Added preferred default detail tab setting
FIXED Print panel localization and layout
FIXED Prevent crash when right clicking on a character of FontAwesomev4
FIXED Prevent crash when selecting a range of fonts and some fonts are hidden due to active filters
FIXED Correctly animate content when switching detail tabs
FIXED Prevent previews sliding in when viewing features detail tab
FIXED Prevent detail content moving too far up when scrolling down