Migrating from Suitcase Fusion

Learn how to export your fonts and sets from the Suitcase font vault and import them into Typeface, such that you can continue to use your current font library.

Import fonts from your Suitcase library

If Suitcase Fusion organised your font files you can find them in the Suitcase font vault. This folder is typically located here: /Users/<username>/Library/Extensis/Suitcase Fusion/

Typeface app can import fonts from any location, so you can import this font folder directly into Typeface. Your font files will stay inside the Suitcase font folder, Typeface only links to that folder to import the fonts. To import fonts directly from the Suitcase Fusiont font folder follow these steps:

  1. Open Typeface
  2. Choose File > Import > Fonts from Folder…
  3. Click on the Options button and uncheck Skip Packages
  4. Press CommandShiftG
  5. Copy the following path and press Go:
    ~/Library/Extensis/Suitcase Fusion/
  6. Choose Import

This folder is a bit hard to find, especially if you want to add new fonts. Instead of importing the Suitcase font folder directly you can also opt to export your fonts first and put them in a more accessible location of your choosing. Open Suitcase Fusion and choose File > Collect for Output from the main menu to export your fonts.

Once you’ve exported your font files to a more suitable location, you can import that folder into Typeface. Choose File > Import > Fonts from Folder… from the main menu, or drag and drop the folder to the Typeface window.

If you don’t have Suitcase installed anymore you can manually extract your font from the font vault:

  1. Open Finder
  2. Choose Go > Go to Folder… or press CommandShiftG
  3. Copy and paste the following path and press enter:
    ~/Library/Extensis/Suitcase Fusion/
  4. Right-click (or Control-click) on the Suitcase Fusion.fontvault file and select Show Package Contents
  5. Inside the package navigate to the SA/l subfolder, which contains your font files
  6. Copy the folder to somewhere else on your Mac and import the new folder into Typeface

Migrate your Suitcase Fusion font sets

Starting with a fresh library in Typeface might be nice, but it may also be a lot of work to reorganize all your fonts. If you’ve already organized your fonts in Suitcase your sets can be automatically migrated to Typeface tags.

  1. Quit Suitcase Fusion
  2. Open Typeface
  3. Choose File > Import > Tags > Suitcase Fusion from the Typeface main menu
  4. Typeface automatically selects your Suitcase Fusion.fontvault if it’s located in the default folder
  5. Press Import to extract sets from the selected font vault

Typeface will show you the extracted sets from the vault. If there are multiple categories you can choose which sets you want to import.

Your sets will be converted to tags and will be attached to currently imported fonts. So make sure you import your fonts first, then import the tags. You can always repeat these steps to reimport tags from your Suitcase Fusion font vault.