January 12th, 2019 Remember

Typeface v2.3

NEW Quickly (de)activate a font by clicking the grey/blue activation indicator bullet
NEW Tags are grouped in context menus and the main menu
NEW The last added/removed tag is remembered and can be found on the top of the tag list context menu
NEW Tags can be pinned to the top of the tag context menu (hold Option to pin/unpin)
NEW Remember custom preview text presets
NEW Switch preview text preset in the context menu
IMPROVED Improved background check performance on launch
IMPROVED Added Chinese preview text presets
IMPROVED Added designer, manufacturer and license info on font detail view
IMPROVED Tags with uppercase characters should be sorted correctly
FIXED Search field color in Sierra
FIXED Switching between Info and Characters in detail view should be more performant
FIXED Renamed directories where only the case is changed should not imported duplicated fonts