May 24th, 2019 Activate-o-matic

Typeface v2.4

NEW Auto activate fonts in Adobe InDesign (see Settings > Activation)
NEW Search field can be used in detail/family view
NEW The actual character is displayed in the context menu of a character in detail view
NEW Adding a tag is preferred over removing a tag when some fonts have the tag attached
NEW Added clear Quick Collection option on launch in Settings
IMPROVED Easier to confirm/dismiss the search field
IMPROVED Drag&drop performance increased with many tags
IMPROVED Sidebar scrolling performance improved significantly
IMPROVED Hover icons for the activation indicator have been adjusted to make them more clear
IMPROVED Allow removing a tag in the context menu using the Shift key when the tag is attached to some of the targeted fonts
FIXED Fonts with unknown file type will be imported
FIXED The correct sidebar tags will be highlighted when dragging a font while scrolling
FIXED View options are available while searching
FIXED Correctly restore the Quick Collection on launch when set in Settings