August 19th, 2021 Hallo

Typeface v3.2.2

Typeface is nu beschikbaar in het Nederlands!

That didn’t make sense? It means that Typeface has been translated and is now available in Dutch. If your macOS system language is set to Dutch Typeface will be localized accordingly.

Since the app is now fully localizable it’s ready for other languages as well. Want to help with translating Typeface? Contact support for more information.

In addition to these new fancy Dutch words Typeface 3.2.2 contains some nice improvements and fixes. Including a much requested feature to prefer certain font formats when Import Duplicates is turned off.

When this setting is disabled the app will skip importing a font if another font with the same name is already imported. Previously the app would pick the first font it found, which could be any format. Now it sorts new font based on format preference and picks the best one available: OTF fonts are preferred the most. If that’s not available TTFs are picked, followed by WOFF web fonts. And if there is nothing else older PostScript Type 1 fonts are imported.

Note that this only happens for entirely new imports. Already imported fonts are always preferred, in order to preserve all their tags. So if you have a WOFF font imported and later add a TTF variant, the WOFF one will stay imported.

Veel plezier!

NEW Added Dutch translations
IMPROVED Prefer desktop font formats when skipping duplicates on import. Existing imports are not affected. OTF > TTF > WOFF > PS1
IMPROVED Added location item to info context menu
IMPROVED Deactivate fonts before moving them to Trash
IMPROVED Show font container paths only once in Show in Finder context menu item tooltip
IMPROVED Show message when using standalone license on Mac App Store version
IMPROVED Show warning when getting Mac App Store license fails
IMPROVED Show warning when moving fonts to Trash fails
FIXED Prevent potential crash when closing the app
FIXED Correctly deactivate supplementary system fonts when resolving a conflict
FIXED Unlock Pro features when purchasing on Mac App Store after first purchase failed