September 7th, 2021 Reconnect

Typeface v3.3

Reconnect external locations

For those of you that import fonts from an external location Typeface can now keep your locations and fonts imported even if the external location is disconnected. When you’ve imported fonts from a shared server and you’re on the go the fonts will not be accessible anymore. These missing fonts are normally removed automatically, but if you disable Settings > Library > Remove Missing Fonts the fonts stay imported. Whenever the location is available again the fonts are reconnected and ready to be previewed right away.

And lots of other goodies to play with in this update. Use the new display toggles in the preview input modal to change preview settings such as alignment, font smoothing, outlines and more. A new underline display option has been added to preview something that needs some extra emphasis and protected system fonts are now recognizable by a small lock icon.

Have fun :)

NEW Optionally keep inaccessible fonts imported, such that they can be restored when accessible again. Useful when importing fonts from external locations. Disabled by default, enable in Settings > Library
NEW Added underline preview display option
NEW Added display buttons to preview input modal to quickly toggle preview display options
IMPROVED Allow manual refreshing of Font Book location in sidebar
IMPROVED Add menu actions and keyboard shortcuts to traverse tags in the sidebar
IMPROVED Allow interacting with unloaded fonts
IMPROVED Indicate protected system fonts by a locked activation icon
IMPROVED Don’t change size slider to tracking when pressing the Option key on other windows
IMPROVED Replaced #quick-collection by #typeface/user as default suggestion for search field
IMPROVED Set cursor at the end of the input field when renaming tags
IMPROVED Added setting to automatically check for updates
IMPROVED Smaller update package for quicker updates
FIXED Keep menu items enabled when dismissing the search field by clicking on the window title
FIXED Prevent crash when moving an inaccessible activated font to Trash
FIXED Restore interaction with reused preview cells if previous cells were missing
FIXED Reveal previews when every font in a tag is missing
FIXED Correctly position preview text input modal on small window sizes
FIXED Prevent Quick Collection and Activation hover changes when preview text input modal is visible
FIXED Prevent creating tags with a leading ‘#’