December 20th, 2021 Hold

Typeface v3.5

Lots of small improvements in this update to make certain features easier to discover for new users and advanced options quicker to access for veterans.

You can now press & hold on many buttons to get access to context menus. This works for all toolbar buttons, sidebar headers, activation indicators, collected fonts and OpenType filters. Furthermore the search field has been improved, you can type to scroll to a specific font in the grid and you can customize the toolbar drop action. Try them out to improve your workflow — enjoy!

NEW Type to scroll to fonts starting with a specific prefix. For example type ‘he’ to jump to Helvetica
NEW Added grid toolbar button for convenient access to some grid options
NEW Press & hold toolbar buttons to get a menu of options
NEW Press & hold the activation icon to get activation options for a font
NEW Press & hold the Quick Collect icon of collected fonts to quickly access tagging, activation and clearing options
NEW Show context menus when clicking on sidebar header icons
NEW Add a tag to the search filters from the sidebar context menu
NEW Added Refresh All option to refresh all imported locations when clicking on imported locations icon in sidebar
NEW Customize drop action when dragging fonts to the toolbar. Right click on the toolbar to choose a different option. Multi Attach is the default option.
IMPROVED Added new import submenu, with options for Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts, Font Book and Supplemental System Fonts
IMPROVED More uniform sidebar icons, new icons for Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts, improved toolbar icons
IMPROVED Allow click and hold for buttons showing context menus
IMPROVED Enable double click to view details by default when using Click to Collect
IMPROVED Ask for confirmation when trying to activate more than 50 fonts at once
IMPROVED Added Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs to advanced filter menu. Search field will show a highlighted icon when the filter is active
IMPROVED Show information on how to filter tags when the search field is in focus
IMPROVED Press Option to add an inverted tag suggestion to the filters when searching
IMPROVED Filter tags by typing a : in the search field (same behavior as #)
IMPROVED Automatically expand search field when search terms are overflowing the field
IMPROVED Clear collected fonts while dragging by holding down OptionShift keys instead of just Shift which may have been confusing
IMPROVED Changed visuals of dragging image when holding down OptionShift to clear collected fonts
IMPROVED Improved performance of copying paths of multiple fonts
IMPROVED Show System, Untagged and Font Book by default in sidebar, can be hidden
IMPROVED Show information about app communication permissions when using Font Switch for the first time
FIXED Don’t launch Typeface when InDesign Auto Activator has been enabled and Typeface has been closed
FIXED Briefly highlight previews when attaching or detaching a tag
FIXED Prevent crash when showing OpenType features of font with incorrect GSUB lookup records
FIXED Don’t allow new lines when creating tags
FIXED Select inserted text when pressing CommandShift/CommandShift when searching
FIXED Prevent selecting tag suggestions under the current mouse position when searching tags
FIXED Correctly scroll previews when resizing previews to smallest size
FIXED Don’t show preview border when clicking on the activation indicator and Click to Collect is enabled
FIXED Prevent highlighting Quick Collection icon when removing fonts from the Collection in certain occasions
FIXED Correctly align Quick Collection count when highlighting
FIXED Prevent crash when removing PostScript Type 1 fonts with unexpected file type codes