March 7th, 2022

Typeface v3.5.2

Fox managed to discover some bugs. Needless to say, these bugs are no more.

IMPROVED Allow dropping fonts/folders on entire sidebar to import them
IMPROVED Added titlebar icon when Pro extension or upgrade is available
IMPROVED Suggest to update an outdated app when the app data is stored in a newer format which isn’t supported yet
IMPROVED Show Pro updates info in license view
IMPROVED Allow aborting importing a tag backup
FIXED Allow purchasing Pro again when purchase was previously canceled on Mac App Store
FIXED Prevent flickering of sidebar icons when dragging over them
FIXED Focus on last used window when clicking on the app icon, instead of the main window
FIXED Scroll to correct grid position with type to scroll when Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs and Group Families is enabled
FIXED Allow viewing, renaming and deleting tags that end with a ‘#’
FIXED Don’t view details on double click when Click to View Details is enabled
FIXED Prevent crash when disabling fonts that are not available anymore
FIXED Prevent crash when importing a corrupt license file
FIXED Prevent crash when launching on macOS 10.12/10.13