October 18th, 2022 Variable Google Fonts

Typeface v3.7

Variable Google Fonts

Expand your library with new variable fonts from Google Fonts!

This update brings many improvements to the automatically updated Google Fonts catalog. Now you get access to more than 250 variable font families synced to your Mac. With fonts offering various parametric variable axes the creative possibilities are almost limitless. And the fonts are automatically categorised with style tags.

Downloading variable fonts is optional — you can pick between preferring static, variable or all fonts. And you can choose where to store the Google Fonts library on your Mac. If you’ve already imported the Google Fonts library you can right click on the location in the sidebar and change your preferred download format in the ‘Sync Options’ submenu.

Typeface can import fonts from any location, including external disks. If you keep your fonts on an external disk you may have noticed that the app automatically removes the location when the disk is disconnected and the fonts cannot be accessed. This has been improved such that missing locations stay imported, so you don’t have to import them again when they become available.

And last but not least: Typeface is now available in French 🇫🇷 très bien! Big thanks to Nicolas for translating. Enjoy!

NEW Variable fonts support for Google Fonts
NEW Choose where to store synced Google Fonts library
NEW Add #style classification tags to Google Fonts
NEW Added Variable Axes to Info context menu
NEW Added French localization, translated by Nicolas Bergeret
NEW Filter fonts by language support, using the new 文A button in the filter panel
NEW Keep missing locations and their fonts imported, even if ‘Remove Missing Fonts’ setting is enabled. This allows the app to reconnect later when an external disk is disconnected
NEW Manually relink imported locations if they’re missing and can’t be recovered automatically
NEW Added support for Auto Activation & Font Switch in Adobe InCopy
IMPROVED Resume download of Google Fonts when some fonts have failed
IMPROVED Allow reimporting and syncing a previously synced Google Fonts folder
IMPROVED Update properties of synced fonts when they’re updated
IMPROVED Display more descriptive variable axes names
IMPROVED Display font variant names in Family and Variations context submenus
IMPROVED Prefer variable and color fonts over regular fonts when displaying fonts and when extracting duplicates
IMPROVED Suggest family split when family contains both variable and static fonts
IMPROVED Indicate variable fonts in Duplicates panel
IMPROVED Pick preferred font containers when skipping duplicates on import
IMPROVED Show glyph name in context menu of detail characters tab
IMPROVED Improve guidance to open the correct folder when importing Adobe fonts or supplemental system fonts
IMPROVED Moved ‘Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs’ to language filters and renamed to ‘Preview Text’
IMPROVED Simplified theme selection in Settings
IMPROVED Smaller app update packages
IMPROVED View font details in Info › Font Container context submenu
IMPROVED Show an error message when importing a folder fails
IMPROVED Added support for reduced motion accessibility setting
IMPROVED Reduced timeout when InDesign auto activation fails
IMPROVED Updated Unicode character names
FIXED Don’t show an error message when refreshing a location that has been renamed
FIXED Prevent crash when trying to trash system fonts while debug logging is enabled
FIXED Correctly align Quick Collection button in toolbar
FIXED Prevent suggesting family merges with empty names
FIXED Correctly mark duplicates for removal when auto selecting by location
FIXED Open last location when browsing for backup or license file
FIXED Show warning message when app detects newer database format
FIXED Update File › Import menu when imports change