June 8th, 2022 Together

Typeface v3.6

Family Editor

Don’t you hate it when you’re neatly organising your font library only to discover that some fonts are not properly grouped into the correct family? Separate font variants (regular/bold/italic) may each show up as separate families. Or maybe you have multiple foundry versions of the same typeface, and you need to be able to choose which specific family to activate.

The all new Family Editor allows you to fix all these family problems! You can dive in there and batch adjust the family of each individual font. Or use the smart suggestions feature to quickly apply automatically suggested family merges and splits.

Note: the font files that contain the actual family information are not touched. That means that family changes are only visible in Typeface, not in other apps.

But that’s certainly not all: there are multiple improvements to the Duplicates Finder, including the ability to select duplicates by folder. And Typeface is now fully translated to German by Karsten Müller 🇩🇪 Viel Spaß!

NEW Family Editor — Merge and split font families
NEW Added right click family context submenu, which allows you to edit a family and view all current family members
NEW Added File > Manage Families, to manage all font families in your library
NEW View and apply automatic family split and merge suggestions, based on your currently imported font locations
NEW Added German localization
NEW Select duplicates by imported location in the Duplicates panel
NEW Right click on a path component in the Duplicates panel to automatically select duplicates by subfolder
NEW Double click on a duplicate header to auto select duplicates for that particular name only
NEW Added Typeface backup file extension, open directly from Finder
NEW Backup and restore modified families
IMPROVED Added keyboard navigation in Duplicates Finder
IMPROVED Double click or Command-click to select a duplicate for removal in Duplicate Finder
IMPROVED Show font file location relative to imported location when clicking on the location tag in Duplicates Finder (hold down Option to show full path)
IMPROVED Double click on a subfolder in the Duplicates panel to reveal that subfolder in Finder
IMPROVED Show full path for fonts located in special macOS CloudStorage folder used by cloud syncing apps
IMPROVED Headers in context menus are bolder to make them visually different from unavailable menu items
IMPROVED Reduced memory usage for Intro and In-App Purchase panels
IMPROVED Show characters from Unicode supplementary private use area (0xF0000+)
IMPROVED Show permanent Typeface menu item in window menu to reopen main window when closed
FIXED Prevent crash when removing an already removed tag from the Multi Attach panel
FIXED Don’t automatically try to select a tag if it’s not available yet after renaming in the sidebar
FIXED Prevent crash when inspecting OpenType features for font with corrupt ligature table
FIXED Allow reverting preferred font activation setting back to ‘persistent’ when using legacy Typeface 2 license
FIXED Correctly handle license registration when trying to register the currently registered license
FIXED Prevent crash when multiple exact duplicates are found for the same PostScript name
FIXED Retina rendering of icons when switching from non-retina to retina screen