Keyboard shortcuts

Speed up your font management workflow by using the following keyboard shortcuts.

Legend: Command Shift Option


+ O Import Fonts
+ L Change Preview (alternative: )
+ F Search
+ / Toggle Sidebar
ESC Go Back
+ T Attach Tags (context sensitive)
+ ; Activate (context sensitive)
+ + ; Deactivate (context sensitive)
+ + ; Temporarily Activate (context sensitive)
+ + , Clear Temporary Activations
+ + DEL Move Font to Trash (context sensitive)
Scroll down one row
Scroll up one row
+ Scroll down one page
+ Scroll up one page
+ Scroll to end of list
+ Scroll to start of list


Click on preview Show font details
+ Click on preview Quick Collect a font
+ + Click on preview Quick Collect a range
Drag to tag Attach tag to the dragged font(s)
+ Drag to tag Detach tag from the dragged font(s)
+ Drag to tag Attach tag to a single font (family)
+ + Drag to tag Detach tag from a single font (family)
Force Touch/Triple finger tap Open Quick Tagging panel (trackpads only)

Quick Collection

+ 0 Show Quick Collection
+ A Select all
+ + A Deselect all
+ + X Clear Quick Collection


+ N New Tag
+ 1 Show All Tag
+ 2 Show User Tag
+ + 2 Show System Tag
+ 3 Show Last Import Tag
+ + 3 Show Earlier Imports Tag
+ 4 Show Activated Tag
+ + 4 Show Deactivated Tag


+ G Group by Family
+ H Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs
+ I Order by Import Date
+ C Single Column


+ A Auto Size
+ M Show Metrics
+ S Use Font Smoothing
+ O Show Outlined Text
+ N Night Mode

Custom keyboard shortcuts

Want to adjust the keyboard shortcuts to something else? You can change the keyboard shortcuts for Typeface’s main menu items in System Preferences.

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Navigate to Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts
  3. Add a new shortcut +
  4. Choose Typeface as Application
  5. Enter the menu path and use ‘->’ for submenus

For example to add a keyboard shortcut for switching the preview alignment to the left, enter: ‘View->Alignment->Left’

add macos keyboard shortcut

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