Selection & Quick Collection

In Typeface you’re collecting fonts instead of selecting. When you collect a font it goes into the Quick Collection, a temporary workspace for interesting fonts.

The Quick Collection is a more persistent implementation of selection. In most apps when you accidentally click outside of your selection, your current selection is reset. Because Typeface is focused on exploring fonts and marking candidates as you go, accidentally clearing your selection would be less than ideal. That’s why Typeface keeps your collection around until you explicitly clear it.

How does it work?

There are multiple ways to collect fonts:

Collect a range of fonts by holding the Shift key and clicking on the Quick Collect corner (or hold down Command + Shift and click on a font). Typeface will collect all fonts between the previously collected font and the current one.

Viewing the Quick Collection

Click the Quick Collection icon in the toolbar to view your collected fonts. Clicking the icon again will return to your previous view, so you can keep on exploring where you left off. You can also display the Quick Collection by using the keyboard shortcut Command + 0 (zero).

Targeting the Quick Collection (on drag/right click)

When you drag or right click on a collected font the other collected fonts are targeted as well. This allows you to tag or activate multiple fonts at once: collect them, then drag them to a tag in the sidebar. The targeted fonts will be highlighted with a black (or white in dark mode) outline.

If you want to drag a single font (family) instead, hold down the Command key. This works for the context menu as well: Command+right click to get the context menu for a single font (family). You can change this behavior in Preferences, by adjusting the ‘Default Target’ setting.

Clearing the Quick Collection

If you want to start over and clear your currently collected fonts right click on the Quick Collection icon in the toolbar and choose Clear Quick Collection, or use the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + X. Another way of removing multiple fonts from the Quick Collection is by dragging them outside the app window. You’ll see a poof animation and the dragged fonts are removed from the Quick Collection.

Saving the Quick Collection

To save the Quick Collection simply drag the collected fonts to the + button in the sidebar. This will create a new tag and the collected fonts will be attached to it.

What happens to the Quick Collection after closing Typeface?

Typeface will restore your Quick Collection if it still contains fonts when you close the app. You can find the previous Quick Collection by choosing the saved-quick-collection tag in the sidebar. If you’d rather keep the fonts collected instead of in a separate tag, choose the Restore Quick Collection option in the Preferences. The third option Clear Quick Collection will reset the collected fonts and won’t store or restore it.

Click to collect

If you want a more traditional way of selecting fonts you can change the Default Action in Preferences. By default it’s set to Click to view details, which means that you’ll see font details if you click on a font preview in the grid. Clicking on the collect corner will collect the font.

You can swap those actions around by choosing the Click to collect action. When enabled clicking on a font preview will select it. Clicking the corner will show font details.

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