Custom preview presets

Save your preview text and reuse it later.

Creating your own presets

If you’re often using the same text to preview your fonts you can save it as a custom preset. That allows you to easily use that text again in the future.

To save the current text as a preset press and hold on the preview button in the toolbar. Then choose ‘Remember “<preset>”’ from the dropdown menu. The preset will be added to the list and the next time you access the presets menu you’ll be able to use your new custom preset.

You can also access the presets menu by choosing View > Preview Presets form the main menu, by right clicking on a font and choosing the Preview submenu, or by clicking on the dropdown arrow when entering your preview text in the preview input modal.

To remove a custom preset hold down the Option key when showing the presets menu. This will reveal the ‘Remove “<preset>”’ option. Choose that option to remove the preview from the list.

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