How to group fonts by family

Preview each individual font weight and variant or switch to a single preview per family.

Collapse multiple previews into one

Typeface will show a preview of each imported font by default. That means you’ll see separate previews for light, regular, bold and italic variants. If you’d rather want to view a single preview for each family enable the Group by Family option by clicking on the grid button in the toolbar.

Group fonts by family

Once enabled the app will show one preview for each family. A button in the top-right corner of a preview will indicate the number of family members. Click on that button to show all fonts in the family.

Group fonts by family

The preview that represents the family is chosen by looking at the font that is closest to a neutral regular weight. If there is no regular font variant that means the app picks the next best, which might be an italic variant, or a lighter or bolder variant. It only picks from fonts that are matched by the currently selected tags and filters. So if you enable the Bold filter, Typeface will only pick a bold family member to preview.

When you notice that some fonts are not grouped together, or perhaps some fonts should be separated instead, you can use the Family Editor to adjust their grouping.

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