Filter fonts by language support

Some fonts may not support all the characters you need. If you don’t want to see these font you can hide them from your overview.

Hide fonts that are missing glyphs

You can hide fonts by character support using the Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs option. When enabled this option hides all fonts that don’t contain some of the characters you want to preview.

Click the Pr button in the toolbar to change the preview text and enter the characters you need, for example “Tipografía Fantástica”. You can also Right click on a preview and choose Preview > Languages to show a pangram of common characters in a specific script.

You may notice that some fonts cannot display all the characters of your preview. The missing glyphs will be replaced by greyed-out alternatives. If the full preview is greyed-out that means that that particular font cannot display any of the entered characters.

Font missing glyphs
Font missing glyphs for the í and á characters
Font missing glyphs
Font missing glyphs for all characters used in the preview

To hide these fonts follow these steps:

  1. Click on the search field
  2. Choose the button for advanced filter options
  3. Enable Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs

You can also enable this option from the main menu: View > Grid > Hide Fonts Missing Glyphs. Once enabled all fonts that cannot display some of the previewed characters will be hidden. For example: if a font doesn’t contain glyphs for the í or á in Tipografía Fantástica it will not be shown in the grid.

Note that the app needs to load all fonts in order to check their character support, so if you have many fonts it may slow down app launch. You can disable the setting again when you don’t need it. This filter is persistent and will stay enabled when you close and reopen the app.

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