Launch Typeface on login

Allow Typeface to auto activate fonts at all times by keeping it running in the background when you start up your Mac.

Adding to the macOS login items

You can launch Typeface on login by adding it to your user login items as follows:

  1. Launch System Settings (System Preferences)
  2. Choose Users & Groups > Login Items
  3. Click the + button to add an app
  4. Choose Typeface from the Applications list

By default Typeface shows its window on start. If you’d like to run Typeface in the background instead enable the Hide checkbox next to the Typeface login item, then enable Typeface > Settings > Run App in Background. This will make sure Typeface launches in the background and you’ll get a small icon in the menu bar.

⚠️ Ventura Update: Apple has removed the option to hide login items on startup in macOS Ventura. That means that Typeface will show its main window when it’s launched on login. If you want to be able to hide startup applications on launch please let Apple know by sending your feedback.

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