Accessing shortcut menus

Click and hold actions streamline your workflow by providing quick access to extra options.

Press and hold

Feeling lazy and don’t want to learn more keyboard modifiers or navigate multiple menus? Press and hold down on buttons and Typeface will show a contextual menu with convenient shortcuts. This reduces the number of clicks and keys you’d have to press in the interface to do what you want.

Activation indicator

Press and hold the activation indicator to access activation options. You can choose between persistent or temporary activation and you can deactivate partly activated families.

These actions are also available by holding down the Option or Shift key modifiers, but you don’t have to remember those with press and hold :)

Collected fonts

To clear collected fonts press and hold on the blue Collect icon of a collected font. This allows you to swiftly reset your current collection.

Besides clearing you can also choose one of the tagging or activation options. These actions are applied to all collected fonts in the current grid.

Toolbar buttons

The toolbar buttons provide secondary shortcut menus to improve your typography workflow. You can switch between tags using the sidebar button, so you can keep the sidebar closed and totally focus on your fonts. The Quick Collection button gives you the option to reset your current collection. And press and hold the Preview button to change to a different preview text preset.

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