Font Export

Collect font files for output and copy them to any location.

Drag to export

You can export font files directly from Typeface app by dragging them to a folder in Finder.

  1. Select the fonts you want to export
  2. Drag the fonts outside the app
  3. Drop the fonts in Finder or on your Desktop

Typeface will create a new folder named “font-export” at the chosen destination and will copy the font files to the folder. The font files will keep their original file names.

Besides dragging fonts to Finder you can also export fonts to shelf apps such as Dropzone, Yoink and Dropover. Useful if you’re multi tasking and want to keep the font files at hand.

Dragging and Font Switch

When dragging fonts to a design app Typeface can switch the font of the current document. This allows you to rapidly preview fonts in your design, without having to manually activate and look up the fonts in font pickers.

Instead of triggering Font Switch, some applications may try to insert the exported fonts to use them as attachment. To prevent that from happening you can change the preferred Drag and Drop action in the app settings. By default it’s set to Prefer font export. Changing it to Prefer font switch will always trigger Font Switch when dragging to external apps. Hold down the Command key before dragging to change the preferred drop action.

Exporting fonts in a tag

If you’ve collected a few fonts in the Quick Collection or added fonts to a custom project tag you can export all fonts in that tag using the context menu.

  1. Right click (or Control click) on a tag in the sidebar
  2. Choose Export > Export Fonts…
  3. Navigate to the destination where you want to store the font files and press Export

Typeface will export the font files to the selected folder and will reveal the exported files in Finder. You can click on New Folder in the folder chooser to create a new empty folder before exporting.

Press and hold on the Quick Collection icon in the toolbar and choose Export Fonts… to export your collected fonts.

You can also export currently selected fonts by choosing File > Export > Export Fonts… from the main menu. Or use the keyboard shortcut CommandShiftE.

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