June 26th, 2019 Align

Typeface v2.5

NEW Added left/right/center alignment options in the view menu
NEW Introduction has been improved and allows user to set Collection Priority Mode
IMPROVED Enabled right click on status icon when in background mode
IMPROVED Hide app when clicking on the status icon in background mode
IMPROVED Cell height is adjusted according to auto size setting
IMPROVED Tweaked cell height calculation on overview and for print to make it a bit more compact
IMPROVED License view shows multi seats, correct date and supports long names
IMPROVED UTF names and HTML character codes have been updated to support new characters
IMPROVED Mixed activated/deactivated families can now be deactivated by Shift-clicking on the activation icon
FIXED Preview alignment fixed when turning on/off Collapse Families
FIXED Activating a font when showing the Quick Collection no longer shows bright border
FIXED Downloaded system fonts (using Font Book) are now correctly labeled as System fonts