September 16th, 2021

Typeface v3.3.1

If you’ve downloaded Typeface from the Mac App Store and are running the app in the background, you might have noticed that the app could not verify your purchase occasionally. Turns out the Mac App Store updates the app in the background while the app is running. When this happens the version on disk is a newer version than the one running. Since one of the checks described by Apple’s guidelines is to verify that these versions match, this did cause a purchase verification failure. A quick restart of the app would make sure you’re running the latest version and both versions would match again such that your purchase could be verified.

This bug has been reported to Apple, but luckily this has also been fixed now in 3.3.1 and the app continues to run even if a newer version is already waiting for you in the background.

Some previous updates may have disabled Auto Activation as well. This has been improved in 3.3.1 and shouldn’t happen anymore.

In short: smoother updates from now on :)

IMPROVED Select correct tag(s) after renaming or removing a tag
FIXED Prevent disabling auto activation after update
FIXED Prevent purchase verification failure when app is updated by Mac App Store while running in the background
FIXED Ensure legacy Mac App Store VPP purchases are valid