November 8th, 2021 Switch

Typeface v3.4

Font Switch

Say goodbye to those finicky font pickers. Typeface 3.4 allows you to directly switch fonts in design apps by dragging and dropping fonts. Select some text in your design document and drag a preview from Typeface onto the document.

Typeface handles activation if necessary and changes the font of your selected text. All automated-so you don’t have to struggle with font names anymore and can spend more time being creative.

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NEW Font Switch — change fonts in design apps directly from Typeface
IMPROVED Show count in right click context menu when targeting multiple collected fonts
IMPROVED Allow clearing collected fonts in right click context menu
IMPROVED Hold down Shift while dragging to clear collected fonts
IMPROVED Added support for Unicode 14 characters
FIXED Naturally order imported locations in sidebar
FIXED Don’t show hovering animations when dragging fonts
FIXED Prevent crash when rapidly removing fonts from Quick Collection
FIXED Avoid unintentionally ignoring new Google fonts on sync