Font Switch

Change fonts in leading design apps. Directly from Typeface.

Improve your design workflow

No need to manually activate, look up font names and struggle with finicky font pickers. With Typeface’s Font Switch you can change fonts in just a few simple steps.

Select text

1. Select

Select the text for which you want to change the font. This can be a range of characters, a few text blocks or a full story depending on the design app.

Drag a font

2. Drag

Choose which font you want to switch to in Typeface and drag the font to your design document. Typeface will switch the font of the currently selected text.

Font switched

3. Done

That’s it, there is no step three. You can drag another font to try a different style. Or tweak the font settings in the design app to your liking.

Supported design apps

You can change fonts in all of these popular design applications and text editors. Check your favorite app below for more details about which text selections are supported.

Your favorite design app not on the list?

Applications that make use of Rich Text Format may be supported out of the box, such as Apple Mail or FreeForm. Just select some text and drag and drop a font onto the document. Typeface will automatically show a notification message if it fails to switch the font.

If the fonts are exported on drop, instead of switching the used font, choose Typeface > Settings from the main menu and set Drag and Drop to Prefer font switch.

Some applications may not allow communication with Typeface, so switching fonts is not possible. For example web apps don’t support native macOS features that are required for automatically changing fonts.

Send a support message to ask if an app that’s not on the list can be supported.

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