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Typeface is a new kind of font manager for Mac. It helps you pick the perfect font by focusing on quick and accurate font previews. Silky smooth browsing & detailed comparisons make Typeface an indispensable tool when you’re designing
sexy typography for a new logo, website or app.

By the way: did I mention it is only 10 bucks on the App Store? That’s right: a font manager does not need to be expensive to be awesome :)

Download on the Mac App Store


fonts overview

Your fonts

Obviously — what else should it feature? Browse swiftly through installed fonts or load custom directories, with live customization of preview text and size.

Font collections

Streamlined font selection

The Quick Collection enables a handy workflow for picking the perfect font:

  1. Browse through your catalog and drag candidate fonts you like into the Quick Collection
  2. Review & refine the selection by eliminating fonts
  3. Only the best font survives
characters and glyphs

Detailed characters

View all the Unicode characters that are supported in a font. You can even compare them with the characters of another font to see the small — and big — differences.

i wear my sunglasses at night so i can

Typography by night

Yes, there is nothing wrong with having a Frutiger afterimage burned on your retinas all week, but sometimes you just want to enjoy your collection without ruining your eyes.

Font manager for designers

Designed for designers

Do the current font managers for OSX make you sad? Do you hate complicated and clunky software that does a million things, but not one thing good? So do I: picking fonts should be fun :)


typeface font manager

Font management

Organize and manage your fonts with integrated Font Book collections and easy font (de)activation.

display ligatures

Ligatures & Metrics

Show baselines, x-height, cap height, standard & discretionary ligatures and more.

compare fonts

Font compare

Learn to distinguish Helvetica from Arial like a pro, with font overlays that show every little difference.

custom tracking

Custom tracking

Give your characters some room to breathe— just hold down the CMD key on your keyboard and pinch or use the tracking slider.

filter fonts

Filter fonts

Find just the one font you need, whether you’re looking for a bold serif, or rather fancy a slanted script. Typeface’s font filters make searching easy.

export fonts to pdf

Export to PDF new

Share a beautiful PDF of your hand-picked font collection with your client, boss and colleagues. Or print your favorite font to paper and hang it above your bed.

batch actions

Batch actions new

Speed up your workflow with multiple batch actions and fast keyboard shortcuts. For example press CMD-SHIFT-N to put the current selection in a new collection.

missing glyphs

Missing glyphs

Automatically hide fonts that don’t contain the characters you specify. Turn on Hide fonts missing glyphs in the display options.

lightweight font manager

Ultra light

No import. No complicated database. Typeface integrates with the font management capabilities already available on your Mac, such that it can stay lightweight and lightning-fast.

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Download on the Mac App Store Requires OS X Yosemite (10.10+)